There is no ‘Magic Moment’ to lift COVID taboos

April 6, 2022

There is no “magic time” for states to adopt COVID-19 containers as masking rules without comparing the risk of death associated with COVID, says a new study published Published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Health Forum.

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston Medical Center, and Georgia Tech used a simulation model to measure clinical deaths in each state between March 1 and Dec. 1. 31, 2022, and predicts how the death toll would change if taboos were lifted at different times of the year.

“In most states, no critical time has been seen after the ability to administer NPIs (nonpharmacologic interventions) without expecting to see a further increase in mortality,” the study said. “The statement that there is no‘ magic time ’to lift arrests is important for both sides of the current masking disputes in the US.

However, there is not much waiting to be carried out that can prevent an unpredictable rise in mortality associated with COVID of some degree, the study said.

“There may not be much more waiting time in any state after the removal of NPIs does not lead to an increase in morbidity and mortality,” the study said.

Benjamin P. Linas, former author and professor of medicine at Boston University School of Medicine, said the Omicron type is the main cause of the increased risk of death.

“The non -lethal rebound is directly related to the Omicron model – when we re -examined the survey, assuming the infectivity of the different Alpha and Delta models, it was not planned. the example is the rise in deaths after taking mask orders, “he told The Harvard Gazette.

“There’s a tough market in the air,” senior author Jagpreet Chhatwal, director of MGH’s Institute for Technology Assessment, told the Harvard Gazette. “While there is a lot of evidence in our analysis to lead to the March 2022 milestone date in many states, the simulation also showed an Omicron model, every time the states open in orders to meet the difficult choice between the COVID-19 mortality rate and the odds of return to a pre-pandemic routine.

“The only action that can reduce this possibility is to continue COVID-19 disease with stimulants,” Chhatwal said.

The study said policymakers at the state level need to make tough decisions, weighing the rise in deaths against a return to normalcy.

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