There is no first choice, ‘said the pilot who landed his plane on a North Carolina highway

(CNN) – When the engine of his small plane crashed three times, Vincent Fraser had no choice but to land in trouble in the mountains south of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

GoPro video of its crash site in western North Carolina shows Fraser flying his single -engine plane under power lines and a mid -lane turnpike, with cars traveling in two lanes on the road. either side.

Fraser, who was flying with his father -in -law, talked about his injury. July 3rd level Monday morning on CNN’s “New Day.”

“The only thing that went through my head was that I had to take good care of my father -in -law, and I had to take care of the people on earth safe, and I was trying to make that happen. it’s best without hurting anyone…, ”Fraser told CNN’s John Berman on Brianna Keilar.

They were on Fontana Lake when the machine was first shut down and Fraser did not know the paths to the trees and the mountainous terrain.

“So there’s no choice,” Fraser said. At one point, he felt that a bridge in the distance was their “best and only time.” But they were too low to land on the bridge and there were too many cars on the bridge to try and not hurt or kill anyone, he explained.

So the next option was the river rather than the bridge, which Fraser said he was determined to land in time “by a miracle, that great road … mountain and with valleys and trees.

Fortunately, Fraser said he was tall enough to turn the plane onto the main road in the final second.

Video from Fraser’s GoPro video camera shows him landing in the middle of the street as cars pass on the other side of the plane.

“They need to be really scared,” Fraser said of those around the world.

Swain County Sheriff Curtis Cochran praised the landing on a Facebook post: “It was an OUTSTANDING act and no one was hurt. REASON.”

“There were a lot of things that could be hurt but didn’t happen,” Cochran said.

A mechanic looked at his plane and pulled him up the mountain a long way, Fraser said, and three days later he left the highway.

The flight was “terrible,” Fraser said, but it made it a Marine goal.

“I went back to my time in the Marine Corps and I made my journey to leave that mountain.,” Fraser said. But his nerves were alert.

“I just want to finish it, go out, throw it away.

But the flight was successful. The mission was accomplished.

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