The world’s fastest spacecraft will go supersonic in experiments

(CNN) – The race to re -launch supersonic aircraft nearly two years after Concorde’s retirement was given a hint of excitement on Monday when aircraft manufacturer Bombardier revealed the high progress while ensuring the launch of his new professional aircraft.

The Canadian company Global 8000 says it has developed “the world’s fastest and longest industrial jet.”

With a capacity of up to 19 vehicles, an area of ​​8,000 nautical miles (14,800 kilometers) and a speed of Mach 0.94, the next aircraft is expected to enter service in 2025, according to said Bombardier.

The news comes after a Global 7500 test car broke the sound barrier during a demonstration flight last May, having a speed of Mach 1.015.

Supersonic progress

The interior translation of the Global 8000 aircraft is being developed by professional jet manufacturer Bombardier.

The interior translation of the Global 8000 aircraft is being developed by professional jet manufacturer Bombardier.

Mokulele Bombardier

The aircraft, combined with a NASA F / A-18 spacecraft, has become a Transport Category aircraft to fly supersonic with the fuel aviation industry (SAF) due to flight, Bombardier said.

“The Global 8000 aircraft utilizes key features of the Global 7500 aircraft, giving our customer a flagship aircraft of the new era,” said Eric Martel, President and CEO for Bombardier, in a statement released Monday.

Flight testing for the Global 8000 has already begun on 7500 global test vehicles. Bombardier said the aircraft will have a building height of about 2,900 feet.

I’m new

The upcoming plane was explained "The fastest and longest commercial aircraft in the world."

The upcoming aircraft has been described as “the fastest and longest industrial aircraft in the world.”

Mokulele Bombardier

The Global 8000 is one of the new devices set to increase the speed of aircraft more than two years after Concorde left.

Last year, United Airlines announced it could offer supersonic jets as early as 2029 after signing an agreement to sell 15 supersonic jets.

Meanwhile, Boom Supersonic in Colorado has completed a ground test on the X-B1, the prototype aircraft for its Overture aircraft, which is designed to seat between 65 and 88 people, which is expected to fly. over 500 transoceanic routes that benefit the airline industry. Mach-2.2 speed.

Unfortunately, Florida Aerion’s launch fell short months after unveiling plans for a Mach 4+ aircraft called the Aerion AS3 last year.

Edit: An early version of this story is misrepresented during Concorde’s retirement. The Concorde aircraft were discontinued in 2003.

Top photo: Bombardier Aviation

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