The World Economic Forum was established by US policies

Klaus Schwab, the founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), is the epitome of The Great Reset – the ultimate goal of ending the democratic process and giving all human rights and freedoms. with power to the deep ship – and the technocratic elite that controls it.

In the video above, the joker JP Sears reveals the main reasons why this makes it easy for Schwab to be among the world’s most miserable – and even more miserable. One of The Great Reset’s “new normal” dictums is don’t get drunk and happy. This is part of the WEF 2030 project.1 and a plan is already in place to implement it.

Schwab is the author of the book, “COVID-19: The Great Reset,” published on July 9, 2020. Sears said. “It seems like he wrote before the disease started. I mean, before the disease started.”2

The big crisis increases the power of the state

WEF works through terror – in relation to diseases and environmental disasters, for starters. When the population is driven by fear, it embraces authoritarian “safeguards” such as increased surveillance and computer intelligence systems, which are introduced under the guise of security, but It is the one who moves personal freedom and independence.

In fact, Schwab wrote, “One of the most important lessons of the last five centuries in Europe and America is this: The critical problem is to help increase state power. is a chronic case, and is no different from COVID-19 disease. “3 Remember, no one has elected Schwab to any government position, but he is behind the scenes pulling the strings.

The WEF describes itself as a global organization committed to improving the state of the world, but most are surprised if they see what happens next. As Sears puts it:4

“You will be pleased to hear the line -up of World Economic Forum speakers at their annual gathering of elites in Davos joined by charitable donors such as Xi Jinping, the leader of the Communist Party, which commits murder, and Tony Fauci, Who is controversial in crimes against humanity, and Bill Gates, who is controversial in anti -human rights crimes to the people, and to the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison, who can now argue against crimes against humanity. A very good line! “

Commit to Reengineering Life itself

The goal of WEF is not only to protect life on Earth but to truly change it. Schwab’s senior counsel, transhumanist Dr. Yuval Noah Harari agreed that data could enable human elites to do more than “just build digital dictatorships.”

“By hacking organisms,” Harari said, “elites can have the power to recreate the future of their own lives. Because you can hack something, you can. the engineer is yours.5 Soon, he said, some organizations and governments will be able to “connect everyone.” And if they succeed in hacking life, he described it as “the biggest change in biology since life began 4 billion years ago.” Harari area:6

“For 4 billion years, nothing has changed. Science is replacing evolution by natural selection and evolution by intelligent design. It is not the intelligent design of a god on the universe, but our intelligent design. , and the intelligent design of our world – the IBM world, the Microsoft world – are the new drivers of evolution.

When a person’s life is hacked, the hackers continue to have control of one’s own life – a process that is accelerated by the disease. After all, Harari says, “It’s often said that you don’t have to let a good problem become a thing of the past.”7

Surveillance is an important part of the plan for a global totalitarian regime, and Harari said that in 100 years, people can look back and see the COVID-19 virus when it was taken. the new government in the look – “better look. under the skin.8

WEF Strongly Involves ‘Young Leaders’

WEF runs the “Young Global Leaders” program.9 a five -year indoctrination to their customs. His goal is to create world leaders who are not accountable to their people but to their leaders at WEF. Graduates of the program have the world’s leaders who have “pulled the lock” with WEF’s Great Reset, including:10

  • Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada
  • Francis Macron, president of France
  • Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook

Supporters of WEF’s Young Global Leaders Program will include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Google – “I wonder why Google censors and compares information to directly support the history of World Economic Forum? ” Sears asked.11 Now, WEF is predicting a global cyberattack, where Schwab said “it could completely destroy power supplies, transportation, hospital services, our entire community.”12

WEF then created a simulation of the cyberattack, seen as an elaborate planning meeting, such as Event 201 – WEF’s disease preparedness for a “novel coronavirus” held in October 2019.

How about ‘Nothing and people are happy’?

If WEF and Schwab want to move forward with their plan for global governance, they will need to put people on board with the intention of relinquishing responsibility to an elite class. But how? Bring on BlackRock, a $ 9 trillion investment company under construction – a GDP higher than any country in the World other than the US and China, Sears said.

BlackRock is more powerful than most governments in the World, and it controls the Federal Reserve, Wall Street mega-banks such as Goldman Sachs and the WEF’s Great Reset, according to the F. William Engdahl, a crisis counselor and degree counselor. politics from Princeton University.13

So what does it have to do with the World Economic Forum? Larry Fink is the founder and CEO of Blackrock as a member of the WEF board. Sears asked the question: “Are the World Economic Forum and Blackrock intertwined in corporatism, where an unelected corporate elite is not elected up or down the population?”14

To do this, they had to enter the kingdom – and they had it. Brian Deese, the United States executive director of the National Economic Council, is BlackRock’s global head for sustainable investment. “He is currently Biden’s chief financial policy adviser,” Sears said.15 Vice President Kamala Harris ’chief economic adviser Michael Pyle came from BlackRock, where he is a global economic leader.

“It’s like corporatism but maybe not,” Sears said with a laugh. “But if it is, it’s the right strategy for BlackRock and the World Economic Forum to have everything and nothing to lose to you.”16

BlackRock is buying single -family homes at an alarming price, paying up to 50% off the price.17 so the “normal” people can’t sell them. Why is BlackRock interested in paying for single -family homes? In a Twitter post posted by user Culturalhusbandry, it was noted:18

“Black Rock, Vanguard, and State Street manage assets of $ 20 trillion. Blackrock only earns $ 10 billion a year. That means with 5-20% down they can earn mortgages on 130-170k homes per year.Or they can’t directly buy 30k homes per year.Blackrock alone.

Now consider every major institute doing this, because. It can work fast and can take up to 30yrs to finish it off. They can implement feudalism in 15 years. “

If the Americans were taken out of the housing market, and most of the homes owned by investment groups and corporations, you would be seen by them as a landlord. Then you have nothing and no home. All materials and resources will be used by the company, although real ownership is limited to a higher level of the community.

Schwab is not the Idea Behind WEF

If Schwab is the most miserable person alive today, his predecessors should be honored. In a research report by historian Johnny Vedmore, it was revealed that Schwab was not the master behind WEF and The Great Reset.

That honor goes to his three mentors – John K. Galbraith, a Canadian -American economist, diplomat and government policy, Herman Kahn, who pioneered ideas about nuclear deterrence. became a national military policy, and Henry A. Kissinger, who took Schwab to a Harvard world seminar, sponsored by the US CIA.

“If you have a good understanding of Klaus Schwab’s history, you will know that he went to Harvard in 1960 where he met with Dr. Henry A. Kissinger, a man with whom he worked. Schwab in a lifelong relationship, ”Vedmore explains.19

“My research has shown that the World Economic Forum is not a European project. In fact, it is a project that comes from the great leaders of the Kennedy, Johnson and Nixonian eras of American politics; they all did affiliated with the Council on Foreign Relations and the “Round Table” Movement, with a support role played by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Three strong and influential men, Kissinger among them, would guide Klaus Schwab to their ultimate goal of governing the United States through the establishment of social and economic policies. .

Also, two of the men responsible for creating the eternal threat of global thermonuclear war … go and join their paths in the 1960s … they get Klaus Schwab through a CIA financial program, and … strong after the founding of the World Economic Forum. “

Your will is being fulfilled

Environmental pollution, diseases and cyberattacks are used to instill fear in order to keep the public safe. The other part of The Great Reset is a reorganization of the business, with jobs. Many people in the U.S. are facing unemployment if they do not choose to take a genetic therapy trial in the form of a COVID-19 shot.

It is clear that the COVID-19 disease has created “a glass window of opportunity” to immediately begin the Great Reset, which is about changing everything from future global relationships and globalization. public sector focus on “corporate values, nature of business. models and driving a global society.”20

Part of the plan is about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which Schwab has been discussing since early 2016.21 and “seen by the combination of technologies that bridge the lines between the physical, digital, and life cycles.”

As a government, the Revolution would bring in new technological powers that would allow for the increase of population power through “advanced surveillance systems and the ability to control computer systems.”22 Now, while people are worried about the orchestrated threats they will face, technocrats are working on how to unravel the nature of humanity – that is, free choice. .

“People are hackable animals,” Harari said. “People have this spirit or spirit and they have free will, and no one knows what’s going on in me, so the ones I choose, if by voting. Not in the grocery store, this is my personal preference – it’s over. “23 It is important for all of us to do things to be independent, independent people, which can be as simple as:24

  • Be guided by your deepest thoughts and what your heart and soul know best
  • Choose courage rather than obedience

“We’re in the process of The Great Reset or the Great Awakening,” said Sears, “and Klaus Schwab is not the choice. The choice is yours.25

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