The virtual psychiatry company Iris Telehealth is $ 40M

Iris Telehealth has raised $ 40 million in general mental health care through a Series B fund led by Concord Health Partners and Columbia Pacific Advisors.


Iris provides telepsychiatry services by interacting with providers such as health systems, hospitals and community health centers. The company can help its providers diagnose patients who need mental health care and refer them to doctors with the appropriate license.

“We hear this loud voice and understand from our community partners and our health care partners that they need, number one, a better way to really improve their throughput, which is the PCP. [primary care provider] referral which means dropping follow -up, ”said CEO Andy Flanagan MobiHealthNews.

“They need more help with technology and the integration of technology online that isn’t really set up for public health… The emergency room.”


The virtual care startup plans to use the capital’s access to improve its technology and expand its go-to-market strategy, as well as expand its medical and investment portfolio. paying his doctors.

“We have more than enough to have a long -term relationship. Our average length of contract with our client is more than four years, and our commitment to our doctors and their work is like that, ”Flanagan said.

“So we think about the lives of our doctors as human beings and doctors. And so we’re looking for resilience, and we’re looking for longevity in terms of continuity of care, because you have been included in the care team. “


Mental health is A growing industry for health technology publishers. Despite a decline in health funding in the first quarter of this year, Rock Health ranked mental health as a major leader in investment, bringing in $ 1 billion.

At the end of last year, UpLift $ 8 million has been raised to add psychiatric services to his offering, allowing him to manage complex health benefits. A technology -enabled psychiatric care startup, Talkiatry, grossed about $ 37 million Series A in January.

However, there are some activities that are intended to improve mental or physical health from reunion. Headspace Health at the launch of the BetterUp study.

“There’s a lot of solutions coming out of stress, anxiety and depression. And so when those levels go up, there’s nothing there. We’re that escalation group,” Flanagan said.

“We look at all of those solutions as a blessing, each one to take care of the patient, or the client, or any of our friends or family outside of a home. or help them attend a regularly scheduled meeting. ”

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