The Virgin flight was reversed because the last flight did not end

London (CNN) – A Virgin Atlantic flight bound for New York’s JKF Airport also turned to London Heathrow after taking off without the first flight test.

The VS3 plane was about 40 minutes into flight on Monday when a “faulty error” occurred leading to the flight returning to Ladana, a spokesman for the plane said in a statement. Told CNN on Friday.

The first flight attendant joined the team in 2017 and is eligible under UK flight rules, but will have to complete the aircraft’s “final flight”, the statement said.

Virgin Atlantic said the airline’s captain, who was “experienced” and Virgin Atlantic for 17 years, did not have the required training status, and the first captain was replaced with a new block.

The company said the two pilots were fully licensed and qualified to fly the aircraft, and the company had not violated any rules or safety regulations.

However, the airline said the situation was not in line with Virgin Atlantic’s local training protocols, requiring the decision to look back.

A Virgin Atlantic spokesperson said in a statement: “Due to a registration error, the VS3 aircraft returned from London Heathrow to New York-JFK to Heathrow on Monday 2 May shortly after takeoff. .

“The first training officer, flying with an experienced captain, has been replaced with a new pilot to ensure full compliance with Virgin Atlantic training protocols, which are above industry standards.”

The passengers on the plane arrived in New York 2 hours 40 minutes earlier than scheduled, where the airline’s spokesman apologized.

The UK Civil Service has confirmed that “both pilots are properly licensed and qualified to fly.”

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