The video shows DC’s bus drivers being attacked by a car that threw them

A group of DC motorists were hit by a car that turned them into a growing anger at their non -protest.

Zachary Petrizzo of The Daily Beast wrote:

A group of people told by Fox News and the conservative media were patriots who were arguing with violence as they stepped out into the real world and saw what people thought of them.

The motorists were laughing. They ride in circles and hide themselves. These people are not patriotic. They are baby-boys who are angry that Donald Trump will lose the 2020 election.

Many old white male Trump supporters have held on to their husbands and the power to support Trump. When the first two impeached presidents were rejected by voters, they felt rejected and angry.

Republicans and the conservative media thought they could recreate the riots caused by motorists in Ottawa in the United States, but resisted. It was difficult for motorists to enter DC and was ignored by the conservative media, who lost interest when it became clear that motorists had not started rioting or provoking a national movement.

Like their hero Trump, they turn to violence because they can’t accept isolation and victory.

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