The UN has sued Russia over Ukraine’s humanitarian crisis, demanding assistance

The ruling denounces the “horrific human consequences” of Russia’s anger that are said to be “unseen by the international community in Europe for many years.” He laments the Russian invasion, air raids and the “suspension” of major cities, including the southern city of Mariupol, and demands no access to humanitarian aid. .

The ballot was almost identical to the resolution of March 2, the court approved the demand for an immediate cessation of fire and the withdrawal of the soldiers. It demands the protection of all citizens and of the occupations that do not benefit their lives. That choice is 141-5 with 35 departures.

Russia has dismissed the decision as “anti-Russian” and accused its supporters of not being concerned about the human condition in the world, saying they want to streamline aid.

The election comes after the Security Council’s landslide victory on Wednesday of a Russian resolution to ensure the growth of Ukraine’s human rights – but without announcing the attack. Russia has left millions of Ukrainians without food, water and shelter.

The conference took place hours after the General Assembly began to consider a resolution called “Humanitarian consequences of aggression against Ukraine,” proposed by Ukraine and two other countries. and from all parts of the earth. More than 70 speakers were scheduled and only 62 were able to make their speeches, so the final speeches and elections were postponed until Friday.

The conference will consider a South African anti -government decision not to inform Russia and is in line with the Russian decision rejected by the Security Council.

The vote on the Russian resolution revealed Moscow’s inability to gain widespread support for its military coup in Ukraine, which will mark its one -month anniversary on Friday.

To be adopted, Russia needs at least nine “yes” votes in the 15 -member Security Council and no veto by any of the four permanent members – the United States, Britain, France and China. But Russia has received support from its ally China, with 13 other councilors leaving.

Britain’s UN envoy, Barbara Woodward, called Russia “a vicious attempt to take advantage of the crisis they have created” and told reporters that Russia has always wronged its hand here, and has greatly humbled the consequences of his actions and the worldly knowledge of the matter. it’s over. “

Before and after the election, U.S. President Vassily Nebenzia and U.S. Secretary of State Linda Thomas Greenfield argued about Russia’s controversy and her decision to write a humanitarian resolution.

Nebenzia told the council that Russia’s decision, like other people’s decisions, “was not correct.”

Thomas-Greenfield protested that “Russia is trying to use this conference to provide cover for its atrocities.”

“Russia doesn’t care about human dignity,” he said. “If they care, the fighting will end. Russia is the instigator, the aggressor, the aggressor, the only group in Ukraine that has participated in the attack on the people of Ukraine, and they want us to pass a resolution that does not confirm our they are guilty.

China’s election on Wednesday marked the first time it has supported a Russian plan in Ukraine since Feb. 1. 24 attacks. He rejected a resolution of the general assembly on March 2 demanding an immediate end to the hostilities and the return of all Russian troops from his little neighbor.

U.S. spokesman Zhang Jun said China’s support for the resolution was crucial as he called on the international community to “put more emphasis on human dignity in Ukraine” and for the parties to defend themselves. to the safety of the citizens.

Russia signed its resolution on March 15. A day ago, France and Mexico decided to postpone their humanitarian decision condemning Russia’s aggression on human rights abroad. security council, which passed a Russian veto, in the 193-member General Assembly. where there is no veto.

Unlike the decisions of the Security Council, the decisions of the General Assembly are not binding on the law, but they are important in considering the opinion of the world.

All Wednesday, the council heard speeches beginning with United States spokesman Sergiy Kyslytsy, who called on all nations to vote to determine the humanitarian consequences of the attack. Of Russia. He said this would send a strong message about helping those captured in the fighting and ending the Moscow war.

Nebenzia told the council that considering the Ukraine-backed resolution, it is participating in “an anti-Russian political demonstration, currently organized in a humanitarian context.”

He said the filming would “make the situation in Ukraine more difficult” because it would probably encourage Ukrainian negotiators to maintain their “current unsatisfactory situation”. and does not address the root causes of Russia’s military action.

Thomas-Greenfield criticized Russia in his joint speech, saying, “Within a month, Russia has committed the fastest-growing human disasters in the world.”

According to the UN, about 10 million Ukrainians – a quarter of its population – have fled their homes and have now left the country or among the 3.6 million refugees, it said. the council, and has 12 million beneficiaries and less than 5.6 million children. to go to school.

South American Cho Hyun likened what Ukrainian children experienced to the plight of children in their own country during the Korean War in 1950. “It’s a serious responsibility and a community. together to end this horrific epidemic of child abuse in the 20th century. “

American President Ferit Hoxha has called on the nations of the world to forget the role of Russian President Vladimir Putin. “This is a war of one man, in his isolation, and he, by his thoughtless actions, has accomplished in a few weeks, the greatest isolation and isolation of the world. his own land. “

But Russia has more supporters than China, including American Bassam Sabbagh, who told the court “it is increasingly aware of the use of human rights issues as a means to an end. a state of polarization and politicization, used to serve the political interests of another. ”

The project reiterated the March 2 decision to put out the fire immediately and called for safety for all citizens and essential livelihoods.

The ruling denounces the “horrific human consequences” of Russia’s anger that are said to be “unseen by the international community in Europe for many years.” He lamented the Russian invasion, air raids and the “blockade” of major cities, and demanded the exclusion of humanitarian aid.

The South African charter calls for an “immediate end to conflict” as a first step in reducing human suffering and strengthening “political dialogue, dialogue, dialogue.” and other means of lasting peace. ” It does not report on the Russian invasion.

Russian officials believe they did not start the war and have often criticized and misrepresented reports of the return of Russian troops or civilian casualties in Ukraine as false news. State lawmakers and government officials are urging Russian troops to simply patrol barracks.

Associated Press writer Jennifer Peltz gave this report.

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