The study shows that the onset of summer in the North Pacific is much more intense than the end of summer.

The study shows the intensity of Intraseasonal waves is 10-30 days over the North Pacific in the first summer before the last summer ---- China

Summer intraseasonal wave riding over the North Pacific. Found: Du Lei

Cell phones or surf trains can communicate in time and weather between areas separated by distances. Studying these phones or waves can help us better understand the relationship between the weather between different regions, and have implications for weather forecasting.

According to a study published in 2021, Du Lei and Prof. Lu Riyu from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Chinese Academy of Science observed intraseasonal wave trails over the North Pacific.

The wave trains are specifically set up on the high-altitude western jet, with their maximum time being 10-30 days. They get energy from the primary flow through the conversion of baroclinic energy to develop and maintain themselves. Climatologically, the western jet flew rapidly from the North Pacific to Eurasia in July, indicating that the western jet was weaker at the end of the summer compared to the previous summer.

In their new paper published at Air and Marine Science Letters, Du and Lu confirmed that the northwest over the North Pacific at the beginning of summer (June 1 to July 7) is stronger than the end of summer (July 8 to August 31). ), and it has been shown that surfing is more powerful in summer than in summer. The main reason that the wave trains are able to get energy from the strong west is through the conversion of baroclinic energy in the first summer.

“The current results suggest that the climate and relations between East Asia and North America may change over the summer, necessitating further re -examination in the future. “said Prof. Lu replied:

The study shows how dry land has been on the rise in Asia since the Holocene

More information:
Lei Du et al, The differential intensity of intraseasonal waves is 10–30 days over the North Pacific between early summer and late summer. Air and Marine Science Letters (2022). DOI: 10.1016 / j.aosl.2022.100204

Presented by the Chinese Academy of Science

Directions: Study on the first summer of the North Pacific shows strength before the end of the summer (2022, April 11) retrieved April 11, 2022 from -04-reveals-early-summer- north-pacific.html

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