The start -up of Forge Health’s related health project is $ 11M

Forge Health has announced an $ 11 million investment fund led by HC9 Ventures.


The organization is an outpatient clinic for mental health conditions and the use of medicine to treat patients through digital health and medical clinics.

Currently operating in six states, the company uses multidisciplinary medical teams and data center to streamline and personalize patient care. Forge also works with payers and health systems to provide care.


White Plains, New York plans to begin using the new money to expand its services and forge relationships with health care systems, public health organizations (ACOs), government agencies and manufacturers.

“The current health care system is broken – it’s a big part of care, it promotes specific outcomes and can’t speak directly to the whole person. Forge Health,” he said in a statement.

“The HC9 team’s extensive knowledge and commitment to building transformational systems and managing the healthcare sector will make them a viable partner as we accelerate the growth of our model. It’s guaranteed, and we’re confident that this investment will secure our position as a market leader as well… it’s a catalyst for new global energy companies. “


Hybrid models of care are growing rapidly. Some Medicine offers brick-and-mortar gifts and medical gifts to patients. In 2020, a Doctor was listed on the Nasdaq. The industry is growing. In fact, in June 2021 One Medical announced the acquisition of Iora Health, a Medicare provider.

Currently, it is a local hybrid care provider Homeward was released in March with $ 20 million in funding from General Catalyst.

Forge isn’t the only hybrid provider looking at mental health care. Multimodal provider Crossover Health launched a healthy and healthy community called Be Well in September.

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