The sleep organization Eight Sleep has the beginning of Span Health’s health education

Combined mattress pad and custom manufacturer Eight Sleep has acquired Span Health, an exercise program that aims to create personalized health recommendations for users.

Released in 2016, Span has brought customers together with an “implementation guide” that can help them experiment with their sleep, diet and exercise routines. Users can connect their inputs to the app to gather data on the results of those tests. Eight Sleep allows sleepers to connect to a program and monitor sleep and other health measurements.

Under the terms of the agreement, Span’s leadership team, including CEO and founder Patrick Samy and Chief Medical Officer Adam Bataineh, will join the Eight Sleep product segment.

“Eight Sleeps has transformed sleep perception forever, redefining its role as an important pillar of health through the use of information and technology to create better sleep. “The Eight Sleep brand will help their members and those seeking high performance to improve their health,” Samy said in a statement.

Why it is

Eight Sleep promotes the acquisition as a way to improve the company’s health counseling services and expand its programs.

“Eight sleeps is the key to boosting a person’s ability to sleep better. We continue to build solutions to help our members sleep better. Span is so that we can provide innovative tools for our users who are looking to improve every aspect of their health … and work through personalized services that suit their needs, “said Matteo Franceschetti, cofounder and CEO of Eight Sleep, in a statement.


In August, ʻEwalu Moe announced that it had been harvested $ 86 million in Series C funding, bringing its total expansion to more than $ 150 million.

According to a report by CB Insights, last year M&A’s in the healthcare sector grew 44% from 2020.

So far this year, a number of the discovery was announced at the health center. Withings has previously made two deals this year, including the purchase of Berlin -based 8fit, which is said to increase its ability to produce personalized advice.

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