The psychologist again assaulted the foreigners detained in the brothel, the civil complaint said

“Many of the events included in Dr. Fernbach’s complaint were his refusal to believe in the patients’ presentation of the symptoms and his use of sarcasm, hatred and derogatory language. which left those seeking treatment for their mental health condition in a state of confusion, and in many cases, worse than their association with Fernbach. ” A group of legal entities and supporters were mentioned in the statement.

Each Sergio Manrique Gutierrez, who spoke on the civil rights lawsuit Fernbach teased him during the minutes of sitting in front of him.

“That day, I was in his office and within 3 minutes, he said to me, ‘There is nothing wrong with you. I think you have been here since you were a child and this is all. You should write a letter to the judge so that he can let you stay here. said the California Board of Psychology, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties and offices in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), said. Manrique Gutierrez “has struggled with psychotic neurocognitive disorders and neurocognitive disorders for many years.” Manrique Gutierrez said he was visiting FernbachI was the only one thinking [sic] More evil than I have ever seen.

Sulieto Guitche Domingo Jr., who tried to kill himself during the arrest, said Fernbach said he only saw her trying to enter a court order Legal advice to foreigners detained with disabilities. But Guitche Domingo Jr. he received legal aid when he went to see it Fernbach. “Mr. Wright said. Guitche believes he was forced to show him the cuts on his hands, the result of a murder attempt in prison, to demand Dr. Fernbach will take it seriously, ”the complaint said.

The companies said the medical records had been independently reviewed. Those experts found in Junior Jerome’s case that his “suicidality was partly attributed to the provision of this basic care,” and that “mental health problems were prolonged or exacerbated by this low -level care. . ” Otay Mesa has faced serious controversy over anti-immigrant harassment, requiring detainees to sign birth certificates in order to get eye contact during illness. Carlos Ernesto Escobar Mejia, the first to die in COVID-19 While in the ICE prison, he was incarcerated in Otay Mesa.


The coalition of companies (click here for a full list) is demanding that the evidence be heard, and that “the complaint be lodged with the Attorney General for consideration of criminal action by protect detainees from further harm from Dr. Fernbach, including revoking his license to practice psychology.

“Just because someone is standing on a parole order doesn’t mean there’s no mental health problem,” Jerome said in a statement. “In Otay Mesa, they didn’t want to help me. The first time I asked for help, they put me in jail. I couldn’t sleep, I had PTSD, I woke up with nausea. I will see things and people who are not there, like my daughter. I have tried to get help for the first time in my life. “

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