The Philadelphia Dollar store manager shot an attempted robbery on Girard Street

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – Philadelphia police say a cashier was shot and killed by attempted robberies.

It was held at about 8:30 pm at Dollar General located at 9th Street and Girard Avenue.

According to Philadelphia Police Inspector DF Pace, the 36 -year -old man walked into the store, announced a robbery and ordered money to open the inventory.

That’s when the manager got the idea, and he was the one who led the key.

“The pilot came over, tried to talk to him. Then the suspect said again, ‘I have a gun, give me all your money,'” Pace said.

The defendant was then handcuffed to a makeshift weapon – which looked like a gun and was covered in plastic, police said.

The store manager, who has a driver’s license, shot the suspect once in the head, police said. He died there.

No other injuries were reported.

“It’s a fake gun, really, you think it’s a real gun, but that’s a crazy story,” said Raomel Morrison, of North Philadelphia.

Police are investigating how many people were inside the store at the time of the shooting.

The store manager is not expected to be paid.

A similar incident took place earlier this week when a prosecutor tried to steal a man from a tobacco shop.
Police said the man approached a 45 -year -old man standing at an ATM in the store. Within seconds, the customer was able to retrieve a gun from the intended target before firing at him multiple times.

The defendant died in the fight. The victim was not hurt.

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