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Alice Zagury, the family founder and CEO of the family published in a blog post that the French startup is suing Oussama Ammar for many words – breaking trust, cheating and using deception.

More specifically, Capital previously revealed that the family was skeptical of Ammar turning over the € 3 million that was supposed to be invested in some startups through syndicates. TechCrunch has also seen an email confirming the allegations against Oussama Ammar. It was sent to the depositors in order to become shares in the Stripe via a special original vehicle. The SPV is expected to be available in the Stripe areas through a second donation.

“Oussama turned the money over to his private securities and told us after the fact, saying that was the only way to use the investment opportunities in question,” Zagury wrote in his blog post.

According to him, other people who work for The Family have often asked to see the documents proving the passage of the publications. In November 2021, Ammar announced on LinkedIn that he was moving and leaving the family.

“On Friday, my resignation was published on the Companies House website. From now on I am not a leader of the family and I am leaving this ecosystem,” Ammar wrote on LinkedIn at the time.

“The ecosystem has changed a lot and it’s not as difficult to make money as it used to be. It’s more common to make money than to find a suitable product / market, and this compares the challenges to the challenges. Different from what the ecosystem has been in years past, “he added in November 2021.

Zagury said now that the family has asked him to leave the company in September 2021. “We’re bringing in an editor and then some law firms and an independent review agency (PwC),” he wrote. Of Zagury.

As far as we know, the family is working with a number of law firms around the world. Capital spoke with company attorney Elsa Sammari. He said many cases were ongoing – they were being tried by criminal courts and the agencies. “The family has started two operations to release the assets of Oussama Ammar and the assets of his own real estate holdings,” Sammari told Capital.

This is not an easy task because Ammar’s holdings are spread all over the world, including the Cayman Islands and Hong Kong. Ammar re -edited his LinkedIn page saying he was in Dubai.

Yesterday, Ammar responded to Capital’s report in another LinkedIn post. “It’s a legal process between peers and some resentments. It’s a shame to separate like this but often. Business people are well aware of this. From 2020, we’re trying to find a place. “But we couldn’t come to an agreement with the long hours of negotiations,” wrote Ammar.

In 2018, Ammar was given four months in jail on a separate case. In 2011, Ammar joined a company called Be Sport. The company complained of breach of trust, fraud and use of deception. At the time, Be Sport said Ammar had used some of the company’s money for non -business expenses.

The family was first founded in 2012 with three founders – Alice Zagury, Oussama Ammar and Nicolas Colin. They teamed up to create a different way of getting started quickly without a team or a demo day. However, beginners can apply and join the community of beginners supported by The Family.

By buying a stake, they can get some advice from The Family as well as other members of the community. The family also helped one of the startups in her community with the fundraiser.

Zagury listed some of The Family’s collaborators on his blog post. Heetch, Algolia, Payfit, Spacefill, Trusk, Northflank, Jow, Joone, Jinka, Doctrine, Merci Handy, So Shape, Side, Vybe, Dark, Unai, WeMaintain, Flat, Fempo, Shipix, MyDiabby, Bellman, Fairmint, Artsper, Cabaïa, Plume, Alama and Kymono.

A few years ago, the family was the cornerstone of French technology. The family apartment as a physical exhibition for the new wave of French beginnings with worldly desires.

Over time, the family has adapted its activities to an education program and a digital editing program. In total, the family raised € 22 million ($ 24 million at today’s prices).

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