The opening day ends after talks between MLB and MLBPA ended without a new CBA.

Makemake kekahi iā Rob Manfred?

Anyone like Rob Manfred?
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Rob “Metal piece“Manfred came out on Florida Day, announced that everything was going to be about finishing the opening day, and the first two teams of the season, and then starting to tell lies, to be known by all who are to come.

It owes, in part, to good advertisers the high level of knowledge of the commission who is talking about the millions of dollars donated by the administration that are designed as charity, even though he owners who seek to continue to increase their wealth at the expense of labor. In the first MLB event of the media year, just climbing the podium and saying it’s not enough – it can be finished in minutes.

But it doesn’t depend on the media environment and the ability of the players thresh themselves Major League Baseball is more difficult than persuading the public to think that players should improve their lucky stars so they can play professional baseball and take advantage of the offerings. to start the game. There are those who will try Second side Yes, but the main reason amid the rising tide for unions is that people can see who the MLB owners are doing their own managers to work on the board.

A line from the MLBPA statement on Tuesday after Manfred’s announcement: “In terms of revenue growth and fixed revenue, we’re not looking for anything else. rather than a formal agreement. “

Yes, last November was Kellogg’s announcing revenue of $ 307 billion with accusations of his rebellious workers. “John Deere has secured money as a result of the strike.” other topics last year. And people can see how baseball players do the same, even at a higher salary level, when the pay is reduced when MLB opened up a whole stream of revenue. The silly ones point to Max Scherzer ride in a Porsche Much smaller in the middle. In fact, driving a Porsche Max Scherzer is one of the biggest pitchesrs of all time, and wouldn’t it be better for him to have that Porsche than John Henry new ship?

“Players want to play, everyone knows,” MLBPA general Tony Clark said. “But the reason we’re not playing is simple – the lock is the ultimate weapon.

“In the $ 10 billion business, the owners have decided to use this weapon against the most valuable asset to them – the players. But the company is not going to be a threat. I’ve seen the company join. years past before any other period of our modern history.

It’s not just about fundraising, it’s the way the conversation is going that rings the bells for the people. One group now standing He noted, “each term, the out -of -office lawyer has sided with and procrastinated, refusing to give written objections to the company’s good intentions. How can that be? Would you buy a deal if the people on the other side of the table didn’t know what they were supporting?

The small size of the management team in that position reflects the market. After unilaterally enforcing the lock, MLB did not give the players as requested. for six weeks.

And now it’s about six weeks until baseball season. For once, we all know what’s wrong.

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