The number of cactus species in crisis is expected to increase significantly due to global warming


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A group of researchers combined with several organizations in the US and UK found that the number of cactus species to be extinct will increase this century due to climate change. In their paper published in the journal Natural plants, the group compared the current ecosystems of 408 cactus species with the changes expected in those ecosystems under climate change to predict their viability.

As researchers have found, cacti are one of the most endangered species in the world today, due to a large number of human activities. In this new work, they considered how plants feel when the earth warms. They also note that because of their reputation as a hardy tree that can withstand hot and dry conditions, not a few people outside of the plant community are aware of their toughness – a hot world is known to their flexibility. But, as they point out, most cacti live in specific niches, and changes in those niches can lead to disaster.

To learn more about their effect, the researchers selected 408 cacti species to study, closely monitoring their ecosystems and their attitudes to change. They then use models to compare changes in those ecosystems under three models based on the level of climate change.

They found that cacti increased threats under all three models. Small changes in temperature, they found, could reduce land tenure. They also know that about 60% of the types of things they learn will be reduced in this century, and about 40% will probably see what they describe as a “significant reduction.” The only one they have, Xique-Xique, a native of Brazil, is what increases its space and so does its number. They also found that the areas most affected by the disappearance of cacti species were the most endangered – those with many species and varieties, such as Florida and the Pacific. Regions of Brazil and Mexico.

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More information:
Michiel Pillet et al, Increased impact of cacti under climate change, And Natura Plants (2022). DOI: 10.1038 / s41477-022-01130-0

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