The next step is in Contiki’s Climate Action Plan

Happy Earth Day! The theme for 2022 is how businesses can #investinourplanet. So let’s take a closer look at what we’re doing?

The trip has an awesome power to do well. But we also see how it plays a role in changing the climate – the biggest problem on our planet. We are a global travel company, so we are not ashamed of our responsibility to address our responsibility to this issue. That’s why, in order to manage our emissions, we have developed our 5-point Climate Action Plan.

And today our parent company, The Travel Corporation, announces the latest addition to our non -corporate travel. That is, we are pursuing science reduction goals (because science is sexy) and we have developed science reduction goals. release of the project and is being monitored by the Science Based Targets initiative.

If you confuse all of that, that’s how we take responsibility. Instead of just saying what we will do, we practice what we say. And the scientific goals will ensure that we reduce our emissions as we keep global temperatures below 1.5 C by the middle of the century. Good, huh? (no pun intended).

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