The new Bored Ape Yacht Club discount can be purchased with ApeCoin

Ape Yacht Club NFT holders can purchase new customers from Yuga Labs – but they can only use the ApeCoin released to do so, according to an announcement on the BAYC Discord server. Yuga Labs, a major stakeholder in the company that supports ApeCoin, will once again acquire ApeCoin (and have more control over the company) while NFT holders pay their customers.

That is, he thinks they can. Continuing the cryptocurrency’s concept of “money but worse,” users complain about the problem of visibility.

“Total shitshow,” said one user.

“It’s not a debate and I’m excited, but this is a very small event about building a metaverse,” said another, referring to the development of Another one, a game intended to integrate NFTs. “I want to see the best tests and customer experience before the big crashes. My only .02.”

The drop in customers shows something else about ApeCoin, which is now used as a currency in the game. Benji Banana, a game from Animoca Brands. ApeCoin is another way to vote for ApeCoin DAO – DAO is short for “decentralized autonomous organization,” however, in this case, decentralized and separate units are seen, uh, debate.

Members paying on ApeCoin actually donate their ApeCoin DAO option to Yuga Labs, further adding to Yuga Labs ’control over DAO. The company was awarded 150 million shares, but they were held for one year. The founders of Yuga Labs have 80 million copies, which are held for one year. In addition, Yuga Labs owns seven Bored Apes and 10 Mutant Apes. The launch of the vendors – and the transfer of the samples to Yuga Labs – comes with two days left to select the first DAO ideas.

To enter the BAYC Yacht Yacht, users need a BAYC or Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT. Based on the screenshots on the Discord – I don’t have a BAYC NFT, so I can’t see the store exactly – customers can see the money. They have hoodies, football jerseys, hats, shirts and bags. Holders who pay Yuga Labs on ApeCoin actually give their DAO options to Yuga Labs.

Yuga Labs first announced the customers on Friday at 1:57 PM PT. Following the announcement by Yuga Labs, ApeCoin rose from $ 13.83 at 2PM PT on March 26th to $ 15.13 at 12:33 PM PT today, according to Coinbase.

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