The new baby hippo is ‘strong and looks so good now’

(CNN) — Bibi the hippo gave birth Wednesday night, the Cincinnati Zoo said in a tweet Friday.

“Bibi gave birth around 10 pm and everything seems to be going well for Mom and baby now,” the zoo said. “They will stay out of the shelter for 2 weeks to stabilize.”

A name that may be discussed today, Jenna Wingate, a senior zookeeper with the Africa Zoo group, told CNN New Day Thursday.

“We were expecting this healthy cow to come into the world and keep our thoughts to Bibi,” Wingate said.

“We are very happy to say that the baby is strong and looking healthy so far,” Wingate said.

Also, Fiona, Bibi’s daughter, is a big sister.

Fiona became an international celebrity after giving birth six weeks earlier in 2017, weighing just 29 pounds at birth. Hippos are born around 100 pounds.

Fiona’s weight is a very low weight for a hippo, but she managed to survive despite all the difficulties, CNN previously reported. Fiona weighs 1,300 pounds.

Wingate said the zoo was “very cautious” about Bibi’s birth when Fiona was first born.

“This calf looks really healthy,” Wingate said. “We haven’t got the weight on this thing but we think it’s over 50 pounds for sure, and it’s usually around 50-100 pounds.”

The zoo said in a news release that Bibi and her baby “will not be seen by the public soon,” but that it is working to “share photos and videos if possible with the conservation team.” to find them without harming them.”

Thursday evening zoo posted a video the new baby hippo jumping into the lake.

“The new hippo spent most of the day in the ponds with Bibi, exploring, resting and feeding, which is what the hippo care team had hoped for,” the zoo said on Twitter. . “Hippo spend most of their life in the water and hippo cubs feed underwater.”

Top photo: A new baby hippo was born at the Cincinnati Zoo Wednesday night. (@cincinnatizoo/Twitter)

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