The Mars rovers can be replaced by teams of two -wheeled robots

Separate and win: Mars rovers will be replaced by teams of two -wheeled robots

Found by: Pavel Odinev / Skoltech

Skoltech scientists have suggested a modular Mars exploration rover. Utilizing the power of cooperative robotics, the new system previously described above Acta Astronautica The paper has four two wheels that can be made independently or combined in different star shapes. The study said that long -term missionaries would be able to gather more information about the earth’s history, habitat, and traces of surface water. life before.

Since the landing of NASA’s Pathfinder, the first Mars rover, on the Red Planet in 1997, researchers have used the same basic design: a six -wheel autonomous search vehicle carrying a group of planes. scientist on board. Nowadays, researchers believe that a Mars mission can accomplish more things at the same time if it has robots that are equipped at the same time performing different tasks in different locations and. get together sometimes for difficult tasks.

“This is a serious problem: How do you increase the search time and distance covered without driving up the cost of the missionary at home?” Skoltech Ph.D. student and first author of the study Alexander Petrovsky said. “We know that using one six -wheel rover can be suboptimal. According to our calculations, four two -wheelers is the best way to go. Each will take independent researchers with only four modules available at a premium. ”

That way, even if three of the four robots fall, the rest can do a reasonable job and send their knowledge to Earth. This adds to the final consequences of the missionary at the end. When performing tasks that require extreme stability – such as grabbing objects – the two wheels can combine into a four -wheeler that sits on the safety side and prevents falls. .

“Normally, steady downhill is the main drawback, along with other parts that we thought were good or bad for the swarm rover style,” Petrovsky added. “That said, two -wheeled robot technology has come a long way in making those things more stable than ever before, so it’s not a problem now.”

The scientist continued, “Artificial intelligence technologies looking at the masses of mobile robots open the doors to a new technological level of earth exploration.” He said the swarm robot technology designed to search for Mars could benefit lunar missions and projects on Earth. For example, two -wheeled robots can be installed to monitor the growth of agricultural crops and detect pests or diseases that affect them. “In July 2021, we conducted some field experiments with small two -wheeled robots at a plant in Krasnodar, Russia,” Petrovsky said. In addition to this, the modular approach can benefit robotics built for search and rescue operations.

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More information:
Alexander Petrovsky et al, The robotic two -wheeled concept for exploration on Mars, Acta Astronautica (2022). DOI: 10.1016 / j.actastro.2022.01.025

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