The last way to see Vietnam

Let’s talk. We don’t make grotty hotels in Contiki, so you can expect more modern hotels. But we like to shoot things beyond the ‘normal’, too. That is why we have two unforgettable Special Stay in Vietnam.

First, in the unforgettable North of the country, we visit one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world: Ha Long Bay. And of course, you can take a regular day trip, competing with selfie trees for a better view of those limestone karsts. Or… you can work with Contiki. In other words, two days of dreaming ended with those thoughts while you were having fun on a traditional garbage boat. (A junk boat doesn’t work exactly – think of a private cruise ship with a famous charm). Not only will you enjoy the absence of the sun and the sunset, explore the famous grottos and see the bay close to the others, you will also spend a good time with your Contiki group (I’ve heard of karaoke nights on board. it’s very popular).

Next up is the famous river of the time: the Mekong Delta. Here, we want to make the living room a local experience as well. So we take you to a traditional home, where you can go with your Vietnamese people, meet their dogs, taste their home -cooked food, enjoy a musical performance . Yes, and you can take a traditional wicket to the Delta and try to fish the dirt pits. Yes, you can get the block, but travel information is no different than this.

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