The last expedition to Egypt | Six-two by Contiki

Royal tombs, high religious monuments, and even an indigenous village. It’s no surprise that Luxor finds itself on most trips. ʻAgypt itinerary.

It is a short flight from Hurghada Airport. If you’re here for your hard story (and we love you), you can fly directly from Cairo to Luxor in one hour by plane. You can take the train, but most of the day – unless you take the Sleeper train.

Luxor is full of many things Ancient Egypt an open-air museum. You may want to spend a day exploring the East Bank (of the Nile) and a day exploring the West Coast.

On the East Bank, you will see the Luxor Temple and the Karnak Temple, which met in the way of the Sphinxes. There is also the Luxor Museum.

The Western Hemisphere of Luxor is home to Valley of the Kingska Valley of the Queens And the Colossae of Memenon (right?) Don’t worry though, they’re in a separate car from each other.

Printed for time (and have the great truth to just call the patient for work and reschedule your trips?) You can enter the whole of Luxor on a hot air balloon ride.

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