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Today, the European Commission, ESA, the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) and the European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (Eumetsat) celebrated the launch of the Destination Earth initiative: a project ambitious about making a place. A digital copy of the Earth will help us move into the future.

Destination Earth (DestinE), led by the European Commission’s DG Connect, aims to develop a highly accurate digital model of the Earth to monitor and predict environmental change and human impact. Using state -of -the -art global technology features, cutting -edge data, satellite data and machine learning, DestinE will allow its users to explore the effects of climate change on regions. variations of the earth’s system, with configurations that can change and shrink.

The project will assist in achieving the goals of green change and support the European Commission’s Green Deal and Digital Strategy activities on climate change, biodiversity and deforestation. . It will also help monitor food security, changes in polarity and sea level rise.

Simonetta Cheli, Director of Earth Observation Programs at ESA, said, “Destination Earth is an important task for Europe to lay the foundation for European sustainable change initiatives and support green change. ESA will work hard and with international partners to bring their own expertise, global knowledge and expertise to help Europe take the next level of decision -making.

ESA is responsible for the DestinE Open Core Service Platform, a user -friendly platform that relies on complete and easy -to -use geological data, including data from ESA’s Earth Explorers, the Copernicus Sentinel series, data from ECMWF and more . time, other major databases in Europe.

Eric Monjoux, Director of ESA’s Destination Earth Project, said, “The DestinE Core Service Platform is one of the best in the European industry. It is designed, marketed and maintained by ESA and is ready to grow to fit the problems of the Green Deal and climate change.

Eumetsat is responsible for the public data center that maintains DestinE, with its design, installation and testing, and its database operations, while ECMWF is responsible for the Digital Twin Engine, with development the first two. Digital Twin Twins: Digital Twin Twins in Time-Induced and Geophysical Extreme and Digital Twin Natural Transformation.

DestinE will be gradually developed through the big things to come: the development of the first two digital platform and digital twins by 2024, and by 2030 a ‘full copy’ of Earth via the integration of the digital twins obtained through the platform. .

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