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Pulling is better than you think, so I don’t mind jumping before you practice. The Mayo Clinic says that prolonging your combination of movement and exercise will help prevent more pain than not. Research has shown that stretching improves the ability to strengthen your muscles so that they perform better during exercise. Increasing the blood flow to your muscles is another benefit of exercise to consider, so why not do something more regular than training hockey, or climbing During or after the dance. Your agility doesn’t get much better if you combine this training with your training routine!

I’ve included some tips and tricks below to keep in mind before posting…

  • The hand is not trained: It’s better to take a brisk walk, bike, or bike ride than to dry out because you will hurt yourself if you stretch your muscles in the cold.

  • Example: It is important to have flexibility in every part of your body to prevent damage to your body. Everyone is different so don’t overdo it.

  • Major Content Groups: Consider stretching both sides of your large muscle groups such as calves, thighs, hips, lower back, neck, or shoulders.

  • Flying: Don’t do it while stretching because it can hurt the body, stay calm now.

  • Hold length: Hold each stretch for about 30 seconds, 60 seconds for problem areas and remember to breathe slowly.

  • No pain: You don’t have to prolong yourself when you prolong, think of the pain not the pain.

For more information you can visit the Mayo Clinic website I linked to above. Keep these tips and tricks in mind the next time you delay for a successful and motivated job. Email us at [email protected] with tips on how to get the most out of your personal fitness journey!

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