The highest urban areas of the world during the Covid period

(CNN) – There are many ways to determine the city’s success as a tourist destination rather than the number of visitors.

There are systems, sustainability and resources; how to avoid the difficulties of attracting and entertaining tourists while maintaining a good quality of life for the people; then there is the effect of his response to Covid-19 infection.

UK -based market research firm Euromonitor is known for its list of Top 100 City Destinations, which – until Covid increased everything in 2020 – were selected as top destinations by the number of landforms.

It is edited by its Top 100 City Destination Index, which compares the beauty of 100 cities around the world using six function pillars, with the latest report on data collected in 2021 .
In 2019, the top of the list was dominated by Asian cities – with Hong Kong and Bangkok leading the way – but by 2021 Europe was reported to have eight cities in the top 10.

Like the pre-pandemic index, the 2021 index is a snapshot of the moment. Over the past year, cities have once again got on their feet after the global crisis, with some opening up to the world more than others. Next year’s roster is no longer in doubt, as Covid’s return moves faster.

Here are the first visitors of the sick period.

Paris is leading the world

Paris has been named the best tourist city in the world for 2021. Worldwide, it is the highest in the “tourism performance” column and the second-highest for “tourism policy and services. . “

It has benefited from the return of American and Asian tourists, Euromonitor said, although it has not seen an increase in UK visitors – a huge market before. That has now changed, with the UK being added to France’s “green list” on March 31, 2022.

It’s low for health and safety, however, the report said “while increasing effort to increase the incidence of disease in a skeptical population.”

France is one of the hardest countries in Europe to deal with Covid, and since the beginning of this month there have been nearly 27 million cases in total.

Dubai is high

Dubai – which ranked No.1 in the 2020 index – is second on the 2021 Euromonitor list and the only city in a market that stands to make the top 10.

The head of the UAE’s favorites started re -opening to world tours in July 2020 and last year received a boost from the late Expo2020, which started in October 2021.

Dubai is ranked the fourth-highest in the world in the “health and safety” implementation pillar, thanks to the Covid protocol introduced by the Dubai government.

By April 2022, more than 98% of Dubai’s population was arrested and banned from using the mask in public spaces.

‘Good and inclusive’

EU citizens are allowed free entry to Amsterdam, but restrictions apply to countries outside the city.

EU citizens are allowed free entry to Amsterdam, but restrictions apply to countries outside the city.

Figurniy Sergey / Adobe Stock

Amsterdam, a small city with a large number of historical tourists – so it has become a top child for overtourism – is third in 2021.

The Dutch capital is fighting overtourism with technology: Euromonitor upgrades its Public Eye monitoring program, which uses AI technology to help drive large flows of people and reduce congestion .

The show also noted that Amsterdam, along with Barcelona and Oslo, have “made efforts to reduce parking spaces,” as well as introducing “major electrical technologies that will transform their car industry and create a a place to stay and to enter. ”

Population growth, rising unemployment and rising incomes are the factors that have worked well in terms of the economy and employment, he said. Euromonitor, taking sixth place in that industry column worldwide.

Viva España

Madrid is fourth in the overall list and No. It is also the third largest in the world for “travel and beauty policy.”

Thanks to Spain’s elimination of entry requirements for some markets, Barcelona will also increase by six places to 10th by 2021.

New York is the highest city in the United States, at No. 7 in number. His career was led by local tourism, while Orlando (No. 22) and Las Vegas (No. 28) improved their positions.

Singapore has the highest ranking in the world in the “economic and business performance” column, while the city-state has No. 24 in the entire directory.

Asian cities stood out in this post, with Taipei and Hong Kong leading the way in 2021 in terms of economic recovery, and Macau jumped 18 places in the seventh quarter. the earth.

The UK capital will lower the level in 2021.

The UK capital will lower the level in 2021.

Figurniy Sergey / Adobe Stock

Euromonitor also pointed to the impact of Singapore’s high standards and “stay with Covid” policy, in comparison to other Asia-Pacific “Zero Covid” regions.

Dublin has the highest ranking for tourism and beauty policy, and is 16th in the overall list.

Euromonitor offers this to the Irish capital, which, like France, will be open to US flights from mid -2021, unlike their UK neighbors. London will fall three places overall in 2021, to No. 8.

London has excelled in tourism. The show showcases the capital’s public transport system, six commercial planes and is seen as “a strong link between culture and entertainment, as well as educational gifts.”

Euromonitor’s Top 20 City Destinations Index 2021

1. Palika

2. Dubai

3. Amsterdam

4. Madeda

5. Rome

6. Berelina

7. New York

8. London

9. Munich

10. Barcelona

11. Vienna

12. Milan

13. Prague

14. Los Angeles

15. Tokyo

16. Dublin

17. Lisbon

18. Frankfurt am Maim

19. Zurika

20. ʻIstanbul

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