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According to a study by researchers from the Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin) and the University of Münster, the better the millionaires, the more stable the economy. heart, open, extroverted, and thoughtful. crowd crowd. The lesson was published in a journal Humanities and Social sciences.

The data used to assess personal characteristics come from SOEP, a standard indicator of the German population. In 2019, a subsample of more than 2,000 wealthy people joined SOEP. SOEP is currently researching more than 1,100 million euros whose net worth is around 4 million euros. “That’s the way the rich are now in SOEP, which can analyze this small population in a critical way,” said SOEP researcher Carsten Schröder, who started the wealth subsample. great.

The results show the kind of common personal history told among millions of self -employed, self -employed people who found themselves earning more money for themselves than they inherited. The knowledge is not shared among the millions who consider their worth to be inherited.

In the sample of millions, those whose personal characteristics are closest to the normal side have the highest wealth. In the rest of the population, a weakness of this type of personality can be found in those who have made their way up through their own actions: Although they are not millions, they find themselves they earn their own money, and therefore, as their own business. Johannes König, the research team at SOEP and lead author of the study, explains, “Taken together, the results show that nature is a viable factor in wealth collection.”

Coauthor Mitja Back, Professor of Psychological Diagnostics and Personality Psychology at the University of Münster, adds, “This is the first study to explain how millions of people use powerful data. How people think and act, judging the personalities of millionaires is a big deal. ”

Millions make the common request: ‘tax us now’

More information:
Marius Leckelt et al, The personal characteristics of millions of self -created and inherited, Humanities and Social sciences (2022). DOI: 10.1057 / s41599-022-01099-3

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