The Galactic bones inside the Milky Way’s skeleton are like a calabash

This map shows the direction of the points on the G47 bone on a filament image taken by the Herschel Space Observatory. The red and yellow particles are the highest particles of dust and gas. (Credit: G47: ESA / Herschel / PACS / SPIRE / Wang et al. 2015; Polarization paper: Stephens et al., 2021)

Astronomers have produced a very precise map of the magnetic field in a piece of the Milky Way’s spiral arms called a galactic bone – a long filament of black gas and dust formed in middle of the fifth spiral galaxy. The new map shows an abnormal pattern of magnetic lines, as opposed to the magnetic properties found in the remnants of the Milky Way’s skeleton.

of the Milky Way The spiral galaxy, and most of the galaxy’s stars, and the earth that give birth to them, are wrapped in large, long arms that spin around the galactic center. Each hand has galactic bones running around its center, just as the bones run between our limbs. The gas and dirt inside these bones are so hard that the bones can make their own. mark (opens on new page) field.

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