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You can’t make a European packing list without considering the types of electronics on your side. Don’t worry, we don’t just teach you to secure your phone and board. We think there are some useful things you may not have considered. Such as…

Box boxes: Have you heard of these men? Not only do they keep your belongings neat and tucked in your box / bag, they’re also a great way to keep your belongings on the move. You are looking on the floor of a hotel / guesthouse with 2 minutes to checkout, nice to see where your clothes are, see?

Control panel: There is nothing better than getting lost on the streets of Paris or Rome and losing your phone. Buy one with great power (they are beautiful these days) and charge that naughty boy.

Global Fixer: Not sure which countries will allow you to plug in your trip to Europe? Keep yourself researching and find a global app that covers all topics.

Kindle or read more: This is one of my all -time favorite travelers. Gone are the days of pulling out the luggage I had taken to the airport. 1 small thing. Hundreds of poolside readings. The perfect travel companion.

Carry on: Of course, you’re shopping in places like Milan, Paris and London. So don’t use plastic wrap, and bring a backpack. (It looks better).

Water bottle: Speaking of single -use plastics, did you know that 88% of the ocean surface is polluted by plastic waste? Water in Europe is very clean, safe and delicious. So, yes, bring a reusable water bottle. Think of the turtles, man.

Laka: If you are staying at a hotel when returning to Europe, there are probably locks for your belongings. So it’s best to carry a small padlock.

Earplugs: Another good thing for guest houses. We don’t want you to be locked out for killing a snorer.

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