The fuel leak would end NASA’s clothing preparation for the lunar rocket

The fuel leak would end NASA’s clothing preparation for the lunar rocket

The NASA Artemis rocket with the Orion spacecraft on board 39B at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla., March 18, 2022. After some serious setbacks, NASA has attempted to test the test. Testing its mega moon rocket on Friday. April 14, 2022 at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center. Photo: AP Photo / John Raoux, File

NASA’s latest attempt to launch its large lunar rocket for a computational test on Friday was hit by a dangerous hydrogen leak, the latest in a series of astronauts.

The flight crew began loading fuel at the base of the rocket when the leak broke. This is the third time NASA has shot a costume, an operation that was required before a test flight to the moon.

Now, the launch team is able to launch some cold ice water and oxygen into the main base of the 30-story Space Launch System rocket, but it has dropped significantly in size. Hydrogen water is dangerous, with officials knowing the systems are checked for leaks before testing.

The engineers left the small plant without a hitch, after noticing a faulty valve last week. The helium valve could not be replaced in the high ground until the rocket returned to its hangar at Kennedy Space Center.

Two previous scoring attempts were marred by balky fans and a large handgun left incorrectly by staff who closed the fence last week.

Officials said via Twitter that they would evaluate their next move.

NASA searched June for the launch of the 322-foot (98-meter) SLS rocket. The Orion -free capsule will be sent on a mission four to six weeks around the next month.

Astronauts will be scheduled for a second test flight around the moon, scheduled for 2024. It will be followed as early as 2025 with the first lunar eclipse by astronauts since 1972. NASA plans to advertise teams for these two missionaries this summer.

Further delays for NASA’s moon rocket test, the fuel was confiscated

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