The first private missionary prepares to launch the ISS

A SpaceX Dragon spacecraft is on a Falcon 9 rocket launching Pad 39A before the launch of Axiom-1.

A SpaceX Dragon spacecraft is on a Falcon 9 rocket launching Pad 39A before the launch of Axiom-1.

The first independent mission to the International Space Station will begin on Friday with a four -member group of the Axiom Space launch team.

The meeting was approved by NASA, which saw it as an important task in its goal of spreading a piece of space called “low Earth orbit,” leaving the industry to focus on operations. Deeper into the cosmos.

The departure is scheduled for 11:17 am (1517 GMT) from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida aboard a SpaceX rocket.

Commanding the Axiom-1 mission was former NASA pilot Michael Lopez-Alegria, a citizen of both the United States and Spain.

He was joined by three paid partners: American investor Larry Connor, Canadian businessman Mark Pathy, and former Israeli military leader Eytan Stibbe.

The most reported cost for the tickets – which is eight days at the outpost – is $ 55 million.

But unlike the suborbital missions undertaken by Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic, Axiom says his voyage should not be considered a voyage.

Aboard the ISS, orbiting 250 miles (400 kilometers) above sea level, the quartet will carry out scientific research projects, involving aging in space, experiments with basic systems. , and a technical demonstration of a self -assembly aircraft.

“The difference is, our people don’t go up there and float around for eight days taking pictures and looking out of the cupboard,” said Derek Hassmann, director of Axiom Space. , to advertisers in the first batch.

“I think it’s a serious time plan and we research for them.”

In addition, producer Stibbe plans to pay tribute to his friend Ilan Ramon, Israel’s first astronaut, who died in the crash of the Space Shuttle Columbia in 2003 when it crashed. steam when re -entered.

Live pages from Ramon’s aerial novel, as well as memories from his children, will be taken to the stage by Stibbe.

The Axiom team will sit and work with the regular runners of the field: three Americans and one German on the US side, and three Russians on the Russian side.

The team of four missionaries has teamed up with SpaceX, and NASA has approved the design of the second, Ax-2.

Axiom sees travel as the first steps of a larger goal: to build its own personal data center. The first module will begin in September 2024, said President and CEO Michael Suffredini.

The plan will first be attached to the ISS, before flying independently when the last one takes off and will be completed after 2030.

The Tycoons are not visiting the ISS, claiming the space team

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