The Feds advertise a ‘One-Stop’ website for all COVID resources

March 30, 2022 – President Joe Biden on Wednesday unveiled a federal website promising a “single purchase” for free masks and COVID -19 tests, vaccines and medications.

The website,, also has a list of medications that will be part of the new “show-to-treat” program.

“You can see our new testing areas,” Biden said in a news release. “These are the medications and other places in your community where you can try, and if you’re good, you can get life -saving medications in one place.”

Shortly after his remarks, he received a second booster of the Pfizer COVID-19 brand. The FDA and CDC approved a fourth batch of Pfizer and Moderna brands on Tuesday for Americans over 50 and those over 18 to meet special requirements.

For Americans looking for vaccines or a physical activity, provides a link to, where you can go to find a local medicine center. The public can use to order free take -home tests (users are taken to and search for free masks, via a link to a CDC website.

You can search by address or ZIP code to find nearby pharmacies, appropriate community health centers, Indian health services, or Veterans Affairs offices ( VA) providing trial-to-treat services.

In an epidemic, it’s hard to find a reason to help drive all that is needed to fight COVID, said Jen Kates, PhD, senior vice president and director. of global health for the Kaiser Family Foundation. “is a good move forward to bring everything under one website,” he said. A single store is “easy to get into.”

As states, counties, and cities begin to replace their government -sponsored programs, easy access to systems for COVID -related services can become more important, Kates said. .

Some states and territories are closing the network due to declining demand and case numbers. There is some concern among states that they may not be able to continue if federal funding for tests, vaccines and drugs dries up.

The Bank said supplies would be low if it did not receive at least $ 22.5 billion in emergency funding to fight the disease. The council would not agree to the request.

Meanwhile, the Department has reduced the number of monoclonal antibodies in the states by a third, and Biden said supplies will run out by the end of May.

The president also said the government will not have enough vaccines this fall to give every American a second shot, even though he said it is enough for those over 50 and the immunocompromised.

“Council, we need to stock up on new equipment now,” Biden said. “We can’t wait until we find ourselves in the middle of a new climb to do. It’s going to be too late.”

Try-to-Treat Difficulty

The president announced an attempt to adhere to his State of the Union address on March 2. The opinion of those who have been well reported for COVID-19 in a pharmacy or health center available, immediately and for free, is one of two FDA -approved antiviral drugs – Pfizer’s Paxlovid or Merck’s molnupiravir. Both should be taken within 5 days after the onset of symptoms to prevent serious illness.

Biden said 2,000 locations across the United States offer try-to-treat, including 240 federally qualified community health centers, Indian Health Service sites, VA health centers, and more than 60 offices. medical of the Department of Defense.

Kates says the try-to-treat concept is important, but “it will be hard to implement.” But “we know the sooner you get sick, the better.”

He spoke about the problems associated with COVID with trials, vaccines, and medications like Paxlovid to create problems. And the ability of pharmacists to treat patients in some states may be limited by laws regarding the practice of prescription drugs.

In fact, medical groups have objected to the ability of prescription drugs to directly deliver the drug to the patient, because of the potential side effects. Physicians may not know someone’s entire medical history, organizations such as the American Medical Association have said.

And there is a concern that medications can only be implemented by stores with online clinics, which limits the type and number of medications that can be accessed.

Most of the test-to-treat drugs listed on are large chains, such as CVS and Walgreens, or supermarket-based drugs, although there are some independent stores in some areas.

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