The FDA will discuss the stages of the new drug with advisors: Shots

The FDA will meet with outside consultants to talk about the next steps in developing a drug strategy.

Dinendra Haria / SOPA Images / Lightrocket via Getty Images

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Dinendra Haria / SOPA Images / Lightrocket via Getty Images

The FDA will meet with outside consultants to talk about the next steps in developing a drug strategy.

Dinendra Haria / SOPA Images / Lightrocket via Getty Images

Most of those arrested will demand a new COVID-19 shot in the fall, the Food and Drug Administration official said Monday.

“That’s when we have a lot of prevention in preventing it from getting involved with the re -emergence of the disease with people who come back in,” where the disease spreads easily. Dr. Peter Marks, director of the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, told NPR in an interview.

Marks said the country should start planning now for everyone to have a new shot and, if so, what kind of shot?

“We can wait until another wave comes and then try to make another wave and try to work with it, but I think we know it’s not going to work, because we can’t make and install it. quick to grain, ”Marks said. .

The FDA is hosting a special meeting of the company’s independent advisory staff on Wednesday for a one -day meeting to begin planning a new round of stimulants.

The meeting comes about a week after the industry approved a fourth shot – a second incentive – for every 50 years or more to secure safety rather than a further increase. Before the fall. A more volatile omicron subvariant called BA.2, which has sparked increases in other countries, now in the US, raises fears for a further rise.

The hardest part of deciding what to do in the fall is deciding what type of disease to overcome at that point, Marks said. It may be a different kind of omicron, but a much newer kind. It raises doubts about giving people a hand of the current shot of corn, he said.

“There’s a reduction in return on the provision of different medications,” Marks said. “We’ve had enough of the growth of this disease that it’s reasonable to want to try to cover some of the genetic factors that have been introduced into the group.”

The plan would give people a new color that specifically targets the omicron or one of the different types, such as beta, Marks said. Another option is a new crop that combines two different varieties into one crop, which can give more protection to the new varieties.

“This fall, maybe we can go in a new direction. Maybe it’s sigma. Maybe it’s a year. Maybe there’s something new going on that we need to do,” Marks said. “We have to think carefully about what’s best.”

This means that the flu virus is diagnosed every year, even though the prevalence of the disease is higher than that of SARS-CoV2.

So far, the omicron power of the grain did not produce the promising results in the first experiment. But scientists are waiting for more information about that shot, as well as other new capabilities of the drug to combine properties, such as omicron and root, omicron and with beta, or delta and omicron.

The other question is how often people continue to train in the future.

“It might be like an age -old flu, or not?” Dr. White House science adviser Anthony Fauci told NPR in an interview. “I have to confirm: We don’t know the answer every time.”

Some experts are concerned that the FDA thinks there is a need for more, instead of focusing on the serious problem of capturing what is not fixed and increasing what is not fortified. Ia.

“The FDA’s program shows that, without open scientific discussion, … increasing frequency is on the way to the future,” wrote Celine Gounder, a neurologist and adult at Kaiser Health News, in an email.

“People like to say we can go and take the trash at the same time, but in a world of unlimited resources, there are choices and trade -offs. What do we have to do. not work with increasing frequency? ” now.

In a briefing released Monday, the FDA clarified several questions the advisory committee will discuss Wednesday. Another problem is whether the U.S. or the World Health Organization will lead the introduction of new vaccine control, such as shooting down the annual flu.

Unlike the vaccine vaccine, regulators need new data showing that vaccine re -use is safe and effective, the FDA said.

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