The FDA approved four COVID cases for many Americans

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March 29, 2022-The FDA said Tuesday it has approved a fourth COVID-19 vaccine for Americans to protect the most vulnerable from severe COVID-19 disease, hospitalization, and with death.

According to FDA news, people over 50, and those over 18 who have had a physical change or a similar level of natural illness, are now eligible for exercise. Measurement of Pfizer or Moderna kano.

“Based on the available data, a double booster dose of Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 can help increase safety levels for these higher levels. “Peter Marks, MD, PhD, director of the FDA’s Center. for Biologics Evaluation and Research, mentioned in the release. “Furthermore, the data show that the first booster is important in helping to protect all cats from the serious effects of COVID-19.”

“Therefore, people who do not get their first booster dose are strongly encouraged to do so,” he said.

The CDC followed up hours later, showing the fourth number for small companies.

“This is especially important for those age 65 and over 50 and older who have more health conditions that increase their risk for serious illness from COVID-19 because it is so much better. of having a new booster disease now, ”CDC. Director Rochelle Walensky, MD made a statement.

According to CDC data, only 45% of those who were “fully booked,” that is, had two photos of Pfizer or Moderna or one shot of Johnson & Johnson, had their product. first effort. Leaving aside the difficulties, Marks said after a news release.

“I would encourage people to get their first motivator,” he said. “The third dose provided a higher difference in safety. It provided an additional benefit to hospitalization and mortality, and [the protection] Much longer. “

As a fourth disease – or second booster – “there is currently evidence that it can reduce the risk of stroke and death in the elderly – so we think this is because those who think to do it, ”Marks said.

Along with the data provided by each group, the FDA also reviewed data from an ongoing study in Israel evaluating the response to preventing a fourth of the disease among the health care worker at a health care center. All employees received the Pfizer drug in their first shot. A total of 154 people received a second booster with the Pfizer vaccine, and 120 received the Modern second booster.

The number four increased in moving antibody levels against the coronavirus, compared to the levels obtained in humans 5 months after the first booster.

No additional security issues were reported in any of the data.

The FDA said it will continue to review data on the safety and efficacy of a second -generation supplement in companies over the next few years.

The FDA’s technical committee will meet on April 6 and discuss the way forward, Marks said.

“It’s not surprising that if there’s a need, there’s probably a need for people to get a booster in the fall and a great fitness program,” he said. “We need to change to a different cover.”

Eric Topol, MD, executive vice president of Scripps Research and editor of WebMD’s sister site Medscape, said the expansion isn’t really necessary right now, but the time will come.

“It may be delayed, but the question is the right time, and whether or not an Omicron-specific booster will get better than the 2nd booster pointed out in the original,” Topol said.

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