The European Space Agency ends relations with Russian lunar missionaries


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The European Space Agency on Wednesday suspended talks with Russia on three missions a month following Moscow’s attack on Ukraine, following an earlier decision to work together for a Mars mission.

The ESA said it would “end corporate activities” on Luna-25, 26 and 27, a type of Russian lunar mission where the European team hopes to test new equipment and technologies.

In late March, the team was released on ExoMars, a plan to land a rover on Mars to dig in the ground and look for signs of life.

“According to ExoMars, Russian anger against Ukraine and the sanctions imposed indicates a major shift in conditions and ESA’s inability to implement the planned lunar meeting,” the statement said. ESA in a word.

The ESA plans to have a pilot camera called the Pilot-D on the Luna-25 probe, which will launch this summer.

ESA Chief Executive Officer Josef Aschbacher announced in a press release that the camera would be removed and taken away from the start, and Russia’s air force, Roscosmos, was first informed.

The ESA is looking for other options and partners to test the technology that has become part of the Russian missionaries, it said, adding that some are already available.

Another pilot for Pilot-D “is being purchased from a service provider,” the agency said.

The crew will be released with a crescent moon originally planned for Luna-27 on a NASA-led mission.

A study on new options for ExoMars parts is also fast approaching, the ESA said.

The mission is expected to begin in September.

There will be no European Mars tour this year, due to the war in Ukraine

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