The endurance race will take place in an ancient Martian river delta

An example from the Perseverance rover as it looks back on its wheels in March 2022.

NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover has sailed an ancient Martian river delta in recent weeks to cover the earth faster than any pervious rover.

The voyage, which began on March 14, 2022, was a 3-mile (5-kilometer) voyage around the country of Séítah which he explored from its landing in February 2021 to the river delta in the second, Jezreel.

Moving at a speed never seen before by any earth rover, the six -wheeler relies on its guided AutoNav system to guide it on its way past hills, rocks and pits. on his next trip.

A map of the paths taken by Perseverance and Ingenuity such as sol 394, or March 30, 2022, since their missionaries began.  Found: NASA

A map of the paths taken by Perseverance and Ingenuity such as sol 394, or March 30, 2022, since their missionaries began. Found: NASA

The automated system is designed to really “think” for the rover, deciding the best way to go when it drives on hard skin.

“Self -driving procedures that take minutes on a rover like Opportunity to less than a second on Perseverance,” says veteran rover designer and flight software developer Mark Maimone of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California in a news release. “Because autonomous driving is so much faster, we can cover more countries than people plan on individual cars.”

Because of this, Perseverance achieves a daily distance of 1,000 feet (about 300 meters) or more with one multi -day schedule taking the rover at about 1,673 feet. (510 meters).

Meanwhile, the Ingenuity helicopter continues to add to its flight log. He completed his 23rd flight. While Perseverance travels a long way around Séítah, including dangerous rocks and dunes, the helicopter flies in several planes that cut directly to the west to meet the rover.

The nature of the speed at which the rover moves depends on the amount of science that can be seen in the delta.

NASA says there was a lake in Jezero’s crater billions of years ago. NASA says the delta is a place where life once took place.

“The delta is important and we really decided to reduce the scientific workload and focus on navigation to get there quickly,” said Ken Farley of Caltech, project scientist at Perseverance. “We’re going to take a lot of pictures of the delta in that car. The closer we get, the better those pictures.”

Scientists hope to take a closer look at Martian regolith and rocks using images provided by Perseverance and Helicopter Ingenuity to decide how to get started with collecting samples.

JPL engineers will use Perseverance’s drill to dig up the best samples to be returned to Earth in a future mission.

The video is by NASA

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