The effects of the war on the management of assets such as Crypto, gold and more

The war between the two countries has consequences for the whole world. The recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine has left oil prices so high, and people may be worried about their value like cryptocurrencies – and whether that and other currencies need to be protected or not.

Aside from the Winter Olympics, what the world is watching right now is probably the battle between Russia and Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the global financial market has fallen sharply, and Bitcoin has fallen by a huge amount, falling 9% at one point. So we think about the decline of cryptocurrencies, many people are more inquisitive.

When war comes, how do we survive, protect our property, and what preparations do we need to make? For example, should we treat cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?

1. Crypto Properties

Due to its unregulated, decentralized, etc. nature, cryptocurrencies have become an investment choice for generations to come in recent years.

There is a group of cryptocurrency advocates who want to exchange cryptocurrency with you in another country. At the same time, the biggest advantage of cryptocurrencies is that they are easy to maintain.

One of the ways to get cryptocurrency is through mining. The miners currently with the most revenue are Antminer S19j Pro, Antminer L7, Innosilicon A10 Pro, and more.

While cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can ensure users ’financial security and have anti-inflation features, cryptocurrencies need to rely heavily on the Internet to function normally.

Whether or not the other side will end the basic power buildings and network services in the war. In that case, it may be difficult to pay with cryptocurrencies, and you may be able to save the property first.

2. Banknotes

Generally speaking, traders sell a lot of fiat money and barter at a risk. In comparison, fiat money is a lot of paper money.

In short, paper money was even more important during the war, considering how war -torn states were making money and how much money was spent.

Therefore, it is better to use banknotes than barter exchange. Nowadays, a piece of money is just a tool for converting real estate. There are few cases where it works.

3. Go to sugar

Gold has been used as a precious resource since the beginning of human society. Many gold cultural traditions can be found in many famous relics, which show the popularity of gold in most countries. The main reason for this is the gold mine of real estate.

The store of gold dates back thousands of years, so it was considered a useful place to store treasures. But, of course, the flaws of gold are obvious.

It is something that cannot be taken, and it is something that cannot be bought in battle. Therefore, you could not buy gold with gold during the war without a large price.

3. Diamonds and Pearls

Diamonds are the second most valuable resource in the world after gold. While diamonds and precious stones are also a treasure of love that is spread all over the world, it must be said that the people of diamonds and precious stones are very high, because the treasures of the manner of care, diamonds, and large stones as well. critical choices.

In fact, when compared to gems, the price of diamonds has its own set of absolute standards. In addition, artificial diamonds have grown rapidly in recent years.

In some embodiments, they are much purer and more natural than real diamonds to a point of difficulty for the machines to detect. So, if you want to use diamonds to preserve value, you need to think carefully about them.

4. Collection of cultural data

Cultural traditions, calligraphy, and painting were important for preserving wealth in war. This is a different way of managing assets. The main challenges are care and awareness.

War turmoil can easily lead to poor protection of human cultural values, resulting in inequality, depreciation, and misery.

At the same time, there are problems of water scarcity and serious fraud in the cultural collection market.

However, due to their relatively small independence, war will further reduce the number of cultural species, and therefore, the potential for survival will be more valuable. If you wait until the time of peace, then wealth will be of great value.

4. Stocks and Bonds

Perhaps it is investing in stocks and bonds in a war -torn country. In that case, this type of investment is problematic because when the government changes, this type of investment will go back to the past, like the transfer of certain companies, etc.

As a result, stocks and bonds were not valuable in the hands of investors, which was the main reason why the global market collapsed during the war.

Also, in the war between Russia and Ukraine, if you are stuck in Saudi Arabia’s oil assets or Australia’s iron ore, your foreign assets will be protected in the short term.

However, the idea is that you need to have an independent account abroad, and then the bank may have collapsed because of the war, this piece of property cannot be repaid.


All in all, when a person encounters a situation like war, the important thing is to take care of all the rights.

Many currencies are in demand now, and fixed currencies can be used in the form of cryptocurrencies other than US currencies and fiat currencies to achieve economic benefits.

Gold, diamonds, and collections of cultural treasures are suitable for transmission between future generations and are not suitable for foreigners to take.

It is common to sell stocks and bonds, as well as other commodity products; if you don’t feel good about the state of the war and conflict, you can buy at a lower price.

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