The edible ribbon is made to keep your burrito from falling off

London (CNN) – Four U.S. engineering students were thinking of the best thinker for their product development course, when the promotion of lunch – of course – fell into their lap.

“Erin was going to eat a burrito and the tortilla was opened on top of her,” one of the four, Tyler Guarino told CNN. “It hit him at the time – this is a problem that we can solve.”

Guarino, Erin Walsh, Marie Eric and Rachel Nie were seniors at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore as they began their careers making a tape that could hold junk and burritos in last year.

Today, they are proud of their prototype product, called “Tastee Tape.”

Guarino said the team spent months studying the “standard tape” and its findings – a backbone that holds its shape and an adhesive to attach the boards – try to find their “guests.”

They have three main ideas for their tape: It needs to be clear and colorful, it has no taste and no texture. After trying different combinations, they came up with a magical diet, which is gluten free and suitable for vegans.

Tastee Tape is glass and colorless.

Tastee Tape is glass and colorless.

Tyler Guarino

“We tried about 50 different techniques” before getting the “Tastee Tape” winner, Guarino said.

The details are highly confidential due to a pending patent application, but the company says everything used is “food, food safety, GRAS. [generally recognized as safe]and are common foods or additives. “

There are three easy ways to use Tastee Tape, Guarino explains. The first thing was to peel some trash out of his scented paper. Next, clean it to heal the ribbon, rather than wrapping it in your hard -boiled tortilla with pressure.

The current prototype has ribbons on wax paper, but they hope to wrap around the roll like a standard office tape.

On Monday, the team came out of college with Guarino describing how Tastee Tape’s journey to this day has been a “real joy.”

“We learned a lot about product design, prototyping, and patenting. We were so thankful to have this opportunity before we graduated because it taught us the basics. we have a lot of wealth, “said he and his partner Marie Eric. to spend a year at JHU to complete the Masters ’, and in the meantime, continue work on the product.

Top photo: Tastee Tape smeared in blue for visibility. The real ribbon is not color. Found: Tyler Guarino

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