The Earth is moving beneath us – unstoppable

The Earth is moving beneath us - unstoppable

Available: University of Wollongong

Research on hot bodies in the depths of the Earth shows that there is more water than previously thought.

An article published this week by an honorary newspaper, so soit is reported that the deepest building beneath Africa is only 60 million years old – half of the year previously thought.

The largest volcanic eruptions of the last 300 million years have been reported over the past 15 years and the current state of these basal structures.

But the work of researchers at the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Wollongong (UOW) shows a different perspective.

“Our work shows that the history of the volcano is related to forts and telephone booths at the base of the cloak, so the hypothesis of forts at the base of the cloak is not required. “said Dr. Nicolas Flament said.

“Understanding how the Earth works is important to understand how life has evolved in the past, and then to predict what will happen in the future. “Sometimes the past is the key to the future.”

An Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Early Career Researcher Award partner, Dr. Flament’s research and study of climate change is related to climate change, climate change, and climate change management.

Available: University of Wollongong

He worked with companies to predict the exact location of oil and diamonds.

“Our work has taken us deep into the Earth,” said Drs. Part of Flament.

“It shows the combination of hotspots on Earth in a way that reminds us of the formation of supercontinents on the surface.

The Earth is moving beneath us - unstoppable

Available: University of Wollongong

“We show that the African building could have been assembled 60 million years ago, which is the most geologically recent, and very different from the idea that the African building was built in the vicinity of 300 million years. “

Dr. Flament’s research used models to show the deep buildings in the movement of the Earth such as lands on the surface.

Research recounts the flow of lava a billion years ago to show how volcanoes work on the earth’s surface like deep moving buildings, and suggest that they are bound.

The models suggest that the availability of land under Africa is consistent with geo-chemical data.

Volcanoes, diamonds, and rubble: Earth’s billion -year -old history shows that it is more complex than we think.

More information:
Nicolas Flament et al, The association of the basal tissue under Africa, so so (2022). DOI: 10.1038 / s41586-022-04538-y

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