The digital approach to the organization helps patients manage their diabetic illness

A digital approach to the organization of care can be a key to the care of patients with diabetes mellitus (DKD), as a result of a new study on JAMA.

Researchers found that patients enrolled in the Joint Asia Diabetes Evaluation (JADE) website who had an empowered-care program about the group, had more of their medical goals. rather than those involved in traditional care or an empowered care-based program. medical care.

“In this multinational RCT [randomized controlled trial] In the case of patients with DKD, randomization to the empowered-care group compared to the regular or managed care group increased the likelihood of achieving multiple treatment goals by 17% to 27%. (RR of 1.17 to 1.27), ”the authors of the study wrote.

“The two established empowered-care and empowered-care groups showed better self-management, even though nursing support alone in the care group did not increase accessibility. to many goals. “


The authors of the group study found that the combined high level of patients “further increased the attainment of more medical goals.” In fact, 44.6% of those who participated in the corporate care group had multiple medical goals. However, 38.2% of the general care group and 35.7% of the active group met multiple medical goals.

The researchers found that after one year the group had lower HbA1C and LDL cholesterol levels than the other two groups.

This RCT found that using a physician-nurse team to implement multicomponent, data-driven integrated care, with the help of information technology (JADE website in this experiment), could improve communication in among patients and health care providers as a result of reducing multiple risk factors, achieving more medical goals, and improving engagement among high -risk patients with DKD , ”the study’s authors wrote.


Patients were divided into regular care groups, empowered-care and team-based empowered-care groups. Caregivers for the three groups used the JADE website, which provides evaluation models and guides for lifestyle documentation and health history. The portal also includes decision support for physicians and recommendations for patients to take good care of themselves, as well as training.

The study involved a total of 2,393 patients with diabetes. Patients in the control care team received a personal report and phone calls from nurses every three months, as well as routine care. Patients in the empowered-care group also received reports and nurse calls, but also received “new face-to-face reviews every 2 months from a physician-grade group. . “


Diabetes affects 422 million people worldwide, according to Health Insurance Company. The health care industry is expanding digital resources to help people navigate the situation.

Billions of dollars have been spent in the air. For example, in 2021 Virta Health received $ 133 million in Series E funding. That same year, Glooko closed a $ 30 million funding round. Telehealth giant Teladoc took over Livongo’s healthcare management company in 2020 for about $ 18.5 billion.

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