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Before you embark on your journey to become an expat you need to solve bureaucratic problems. The head draws between them arrange with your health insurance. In most countries where you end up, health care plans are for residents or permanent residents. You are waiting to become one of them, you have to cover yourself.

The problem is, many people are confused about the various types of insurance when they have a policy that does not fully cover them. Most importantly, they are confused about the difference between global health insurance and travel insurance.

They are very different and your country of travel may have some important rules regarding your coverage so you need to understand what is best before you travel. In this article, I will talk about those differences.

What is world insurance?

World health insurance is an insurance policy only world health insurance companies It shall cover thee, when thou goest out of the land of thy nativity. If you want insurance for a long time then this is what you are looking for.

If you plan to take out a public plan at some point then it depends on how long you will not be with insurance as to which policy is best for you and if you need world insurance .

Most plans will cover you for:

  • Stay in hospital – If you need emergency care or a required procedure then you will always be covered under most policies.
  • Doctor’s visits – Just like having insurance in your home country, you will be covered when you get regular checkups or a visit to your doctor.
  • Basic Conditions – Even with basic conditions you will always be covered. If you have an autoimmune disease, for example, regular care is needed and then this is covered.

If you have any of these symptoms and you have not been insured for longer than the legal period allowed in a foreign country, then this is the type of insurance that is right for you.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is more specific to your actual trip and is not about your overall health. For example, he pays a lot of attention to travel -related problems. If your flight is canceled or your luggage is lost these are usually covered by your travel insurance.

It can cover you if you have an accident or illness and you need emergency care but it is very different from other types of health insurance that aim to take care of your health and not just take care of yourself. trouble. Many travel insurance policies also cover moving you from a country due to an accident such as a catastrophic accident if health care is not good in the country where the accident took place.

In other words, these are short -term solutions for when you are on the road to a It should not be a substitute for health insurance long term.

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