The DC Convoy Cars mount themselves while holding the car

DC motorists are complaining about the seizure of the car and they are looking for their bags.

Motorists are angry about hiding themselves while holding the car, so they want to arrest residents to DC drivers and police.

Zachary Petrizzo of The Daily Beast wrote:

Motorists are ill with a potential COVID. Their guide left and returned home, and now they were angry because they were looking for their throat while holding the car, so they wanted to start illegally arresting them. to DC drivers and Metro police.

Trump supporters thought they would come to the DC square in a big protest. But they have become a running joke. These so -called patriots could not hold a protest without actually urinating on themselves.

The traffic accident was the biggest downfall, and the motorists were angry. Trump supporters need to go home, and if they try to start arresting people, they will end up in prison.

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