The critical stress weighs on the confused physicists

The critical stress weighs on the confused physicists

This image provided by the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in April 2022 shows the Collider Detector of a building outside Batavia, Ill. In the results released on Friday, April 7, 2022, scientists in the lab found the W boson, a basic piece of physics, to be heavier than their basic rule book for the universe. whole to tell them. Yes: Fermilab and AP

The more elaborate physicists explain how the universe works that there may be some new flaws to fix after the discovery of a universe that is much larger than we think. the scientists.

“It’s not just a bad thing,” said Dave Toback, a particle physicist at Texas A&M University and a spokesman for the U.S. government’s Fermi National Accelerator Lab, which conducted the experiments. If added by other labs, “that is, the cause is wrong as we perceive it.”

Physicists in the lab have been sculpting the pieces for ten years and measuring the size of 4 million W bosons. These subatomic particles are responsible for the basic energy at the center of the atoms, and they are present for a fraction of a second before decaying into the other particles.

“They’re constantly jumping in and out of living in the quantum froth of the universe,” Toback said.

The difference in mass from what is predicted by the global theory is that it is either a circular fault or something that can be easily explained, according to a study by a group of 400 scientists. Science from around the world published Friday in the journal Science. .

The result is amazing, scientists say, and should be confirmed by another experiment. If recorded, it reveals one of the biggest problems with the most accurate book of scientists for the cosmos, called the model.

Duke University physicist Ashutosh V. Kotwal, director of the observation program, said it was like knowing there was a secret room in your house.

Scientists think there may be something unknown about the W boson that could explain the difference. It may be dark, something invisible to the rest of the world. Or maybe there’s just new physics involved they don’t know yet, say researchers.

According to the standard model, the W boson should measure 80,357,000 electron volts, adding or subtracting to six.

“We’ve got a little more than that. Not much, but it’s enough,” said Giorgio Chiarelli, another scientist for the Fermi group and research director for the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics. The scale of the Fermi group placed the W boson at an altitude of 80,433,000 electron volts, a compound of less than nine.

It’s not a big difference, but it’s very important in the subatomic world.

But the company and the experts did not get involved in investigating that huge demand for additional certifications from two companies, which they did not receive.

“It’s a very simple measurement, it needs to understand the calibrations of different small particles,” said Claudio Campagnari, a particle physicist at the University of California Santa Barbara, who is not part of the Fermi team. “These guys are really good. And I really appreciate them. But I think at the end of the day what we need is confirmation by another experiment.”

Previously, measurements of the W boson by other groups were much faster than predicted, so “there probably isn’t a single winner about this experiment,” Sean said. M. Carroll, a Caltech physicist, was not part of the research. he said it was “very important to take it seriously.”

It is important to know because of its direct impact on the general model of physics.

“Nature has knowledge,” Duke’s Kotwal said. “Modeling is the way we understand those truths.”

Scientists have long known that the conventional model is incorrect. It doesn’t really describe black matter or gravity. If scientists are to go in and seek with him to explain this knowledge, they must make sure that he does not throw out the whack of mathematical equations to explain and predict other things and positive forces, said the researchers.

There are always problems with the model. A year ago another company had a problem with the standard model and the nature of the muons.

“Quantum mechanics are really beautiful,” Toback said. “What quantum mechanics hasn’t affected is not clear.”

The most accurate measurement of the W boson mass needs to be improved

More information:
AV Kotwal, Precise measurement of W-boson mass with CDF II detector, Science (2022). DOI: 10.1126 / science.abk1781.

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