The conversion of Cathay Pacific’s Russian aircraft will make it the world’s longest -running flight

(CNN) – Cathay Pacific is likely to begin operating the world’s longest -running commercial airline by diverting regular service from its hometown of Hong Kong to New York across the Atlantic – a safer way to travel. Russian plane – instead of going its usual route over the Pacific.

Although the route has not been fully implemented, Cathay says its transatlantic flight path will cover less than 9,000 nautical miles – as much as 10,357 normal miles or 16,668 kilometers. If confirmed, it is more than the longest flight in the world today, which is the average 9,534 miles between Singapore and New York.

Although many planes defected to the Russian plane after the country’s invasion of Ukraine – many because of various airstrikes – Cathay said it was adjusting to lower wind conditions. good.

“We’re always on the right track for events or features in the world of aviation,” an airline spokesman told CNN in a statement. “We compare routes every day, and plan and fly the best route of the day,” he said.

“The transatlantic option relies on training summer tails at this time of year to have a flight time of between 16 and 17 hours, so it’s much better than the transpacific path.We look at the situation of tailwinds on a daily basis.the reason for this is declining.

“Our Airbus A350-1000 aircraft can comfortably accomplish this in 16 to 17 hours using the same fuel consumption as transpacific aircraft.”

Cathay, unlike other airlines, refused to explain why its planes were leaving Russia. China and Russia have been on good diplomatic terms since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine in February.

He’s not the only newcomer to the world’s longest jump. As air travel continues to travel around the world, 2022 sees more long -distance flights being opened.

Currently, the longest flight recorder is the Singapore Airlines flight between Changi Airport and JFK. CNN’s Richard Quest flew on the Airbus A350-900URL in October 2018, recording more than 17 hours on the ship between the two cities.

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CNN’s Lizzy Yee gave the show.

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