The ConcertAI has $ 150M, more than the cost at around $ 2B

ConcertAI, a real -world data and education startup for health care providers and life sciences professionals, received $ 150 million in Series C funding from Sixth Street.

The round increases the cost of the five -year operation to $ 1.9 billion. As part of the agreement, Sixth Street director Adam Kaye will join the ConcertAI class, and director Lee Mooney will serve as class inspector.

“The company has established innovative relationships with industry -leading biomedical innovators, healthcare organizations, U.S. FDA, CROs. [contract research organizations] and health care providers. “Through high-impact implementation and an ecosystem-centric approach, ConcertAI is poised to continue to serve patients by accelerating biomedical innovations with digital testing solutions and supporting direct therapy and AI-augmented decision support, ” Vijay Mohan, one of The founders of Sixth Street said in a statement.


It was already known Concerto HealthAI, a leading provider of health information products for businesses seeking or maintaining legal recognition, builds clinical trials and provides providers looking to improve medical awareness and with the management of medicine, with a focus on oncology.

ConcertAI is part of SymphonyAI, an artificial intelligence company that outperforms other businesses such as sales and finance. It is found imaging AI providing TeraRecon in 2020, now called a ConcertAI company.

“Our Series C represents a significant milestone in our emergence as a leader in accelerating biomedical innovation through AI SaaS. [software-as-a-service] clinical trial solutions and improve patient outcomes by establishing real -world reports for peer review papers, management decisions and patient definitions, ”said ConcertAI CEO Jeff Elton in a To say.

“Our current solutions run the entire lifecycle of therapeutics with our data-as-a-service and AI SaaS solutions for biopharma through our TeraRecon solutions for drug decision support, e.g. combining an ecosystem of leading biomedical developers and health care providers – all in the best possible way. possible therapeutic outcomes for patients. “


About two years ago, ConcertAI took over another $ 150 million in Series B funding.

The company started various companies including pharmaceutical companies. Around the same time as their Series B promotion, ConcertAI and Janssen Research & Development began their association with cancer, and agencies have increased their commitment over the past year to improve study design and change clinical trials.

ConcertAI has also worked with Pfizer and Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Outside of medicine, he soon began partnering with Labcorp testing lab to initiate precision oncology studies that focus on participation in patient testing and management. In June, the company announced a five -year research agreement with the FDA to study its use real evidence of cancer treatment.

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