The comparisons show how Greenland warms in the summer

The comparisons show how Greenland warms in the summer

The decline in summer warming and the loss of snow in Greenland over the past decade is related to the shift of El Niño events across the Pacific, through the strengthening the air. Yes: Shinji Matsumura

Researchers at the University of Hokkaido in Japan have described a small, ten -year warming period in Greenland. Their observations and computer simulations showed that sea surface temperature changes in the Pacific Ocean, thousands of miles to the south, are beginning to heat up in Greenland. . The results were published in a journal The Earth and the Environmentto help improve predictions of the future of Greenland ice and Arctic ice melting in the coming years.

“Greenland’s ice is melting in the long run because of global warming that is releasing green gas, but the pace of that melting has slowed over the last ten years,” he said. and Hokkaido University geologist Shinji Matsumura. “That delay was a mystery until our research reported changes in the El Niño climate in the Pacific.”

El Niño is a natural, cyclic event that raises water temperatures in the middle and east-mid-Pacific Ocean. Scientists have found that these major changes in the atmosphere in other places are caused by their association with strong air waves called teleconnections. But weather experts have had a hard time figuring out how the Pacific El Niño could dry up Greenland in the summer, because the east wind of the summer in the most controversial areas is preventing it. calls from work.

In the latest research, the team calculated recent changes in the occurrence of the Pacific El Niño, which shifted ocean temperatures further north. This took them out of the control of the east wind and allowed the telephones to go up to Greenland to work.

In turn, these phones affected the weather and therefore the weather around Greenland in the summer. Specifically, they drive stronger storms, moving cold air over the land. This is enough, new research shows, to explain the expected low temperatures and melting of ice in the land. The temperature and the number of snow melts increased in 2012.

“What has been seen, and the slowdown in Greenland’s warming over the summer, does not underestimate the importance of climate change or the need to address global warming emissions,” he said. “said Matsumura. Instead, they show how natural changes can interact with long -term global warming to change local conditions. Reducing global warming in Greenland. The Arctic is one of the fastest growing places on Earth.

El Niño events are followed by a variety of but different changes to a natural phenomenon called La Niña, where the sea temperature drops. These events will bring high temperatures to Greenland.

“We anticipate that global warming and melting in Greenland and the rest of the Arctic will increase significantly in the future due to the effects of anthropogenic warming,” Matsumura said.

The comparisons show how long the effects of global warming are on Greenland’s snowfall

More information:
Shinji Matsumura et al, Delayed summer warming over Greenland over the past ten years in the mid -Pacific El Niño, The Earth and the Environment (2021). DOI: 10.1038 / s43247-021-00329-x

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