The Colombian songs behind Encanto’s music

Then there’s Vallento (“from the valley”), which also wears its Spanish and West African powers, but hails from the northern coast of Colombia. I love Encanto The Madrigal Family It is a radio example of a Vallenato song, with Colombian instruments such as accordion, caja vallenata and guacharaca working together with joy. (If you’re looking for a little Disney-fied, but for now, Vallenato’s example, check out Carlos Vives on Spotify).

Let’s go to the Northeast of Colombia, where Joropo can be seen, telling the stories of the beautiful countryside of LLano in a kind of fast -paced music like a waltz, lyres, cuatros and with bandolas. From the Pacific Ocean, Currulao is a genre with strong African roots and wild percussive instruments, from bamboo xylophones to drums. Andean Highlands? Bambuco, a combination of Spanish and indigenous styles with drums, reeds and a small 12 -string guitar called a tiple.

You have the idea. No matter where you go in Colombia, you will find a beautiful medley of Indigenous, European and African music, played beautifully on awesome instruments that you do not hear every day. So, obviously. It may have taken a Disney saccharine ring for world maps to advertise. But now the whole world is waking up to a lot of Colombian music. And we think it’s time.

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