The California peregrine falcon found the companion after the death of his companion

The California peregrine falcon found the companion after the death of his companion

In this photo provided by John Davis, Grinnel, the adult peregrine falcon, flies in front of the Sather Tower, the clock tower at Campanile at the University of California Berkeley campus, where the falcons nest in Berkeley. , Calif. , on May 27, 2021. Grinnell, one of the beloved two of the peregrine falcons who locked up their longtime home on the bell tower at the University of California, Berkeley, was spotted Was pronounced dead on Friday, March 31, 2022. Less than 24 hours later. Her husband Annie married a new male falcon. On Twitter Friday, Cal Falcons, a bird -watching group, said a new falcon was spotted wanting to bake Annie’s eggs and make public performances with Annie after the stay. at night in his small nest. Found: John Davis and AP

It is learned that a peregrine falcon whose longtime partner died this week in the middle of the growing season found a new partner to help him eat two eggs.

Grinnell, one of the lovers of the peregrine falcons who made their long home on the bell tower at the University of California, Berkeley, was pronounced dead Friday. Less than 24 hours later, her husband Annie married a newly unattached male falcon. Cal Falcons, a team that watches birds, said on Twitter Friday.

“When a married Peregrine dies in childbirth, abandonment is the result of the nest,” Cal Falcons said. “In small cases, a new partner can come in, forge a relationship with the other person, and raise chickens.”

While peregrine falcons are usually married for life, those who have lost a partner seek a replacement after the death of a partner.

The new falcon was shown to be interested in raising Annie’s eggs and making public appearances with Annie after spending the night in her small nest, the group said.

“While these two crops may not work, this is a dynamic growth,” they said. “We’re going to keep our eyes peeled for captivity and incubation, as both types are a sign of a healthy nest.”

Grinnell was found dead on the road or trapped in a car, the group said. Grinnell and Annie have lived on the university’s 307 -foot -high Campanile since late 2016 and have produced 13 chickens.

Grinnell was attacked by other falcons last fall and spent three weeks in a redesigning animal hospital, while other athletes welcomed Annie. But he returned and onlookers thought the wedding would take place again.

A few hours before his death, Grinnell was seen defending the nest with a peregrine falcon. The Cal Falcons said the new falcon was the one Grinnell fought with, even though a wound was found in the bird’s left leg.

In February Annie disappeared from her nest and was thought to have been injured or killed before returning about a week later. His disappearance has become headlines.

Falcon researchers said they did not notice the female disappears quickly during mating and returns quickly.

Peregrine falcons are considered the fastest birds in the world. They can reach up to 200 miles per hour (322 kilometers per hour) during an animal hunting dive called a stoop. American birds were reported at risk in the 1970s due to ingestion of contaminants with DDT and other pesticides. The chemistry that caused the falcons to develop thin skins could not survive until they fell. However, bird consecration programs have brought the bird back from extinction.

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