The Biden Administration announced an increase in health care at the Midterm Election Push

As the midterm election season draws to a close, the Biden administration wants Americans to see that it spends more money on improving health care in rural areas.

He worked with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to issue a statement that covid-19 disease had long-term problems with health care providers in remote parts of the country and demanded that many health care providers.

Vilsack told KHN before announcing Wednesday that the Department of Agriculture has provided $ 43 million in grants to 93 health care providers and community groups in 22 states. Biden members across the country are announcing the benefits of the $ 1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act and a $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure package to the United States.

“The health care industry, especially in rural areas, is stressed because of a lack of adequate resources to treat disease or a situation where they don’t have the authority to deal with it. measuring workers or employees, ”Vilsack said.

Vilsack, who showed good for covid, did not travel to Pennsylvania for Wednesday’s announcement. He said his symptoms were simple and he continued to work.

The Biden administration’s shot at the American heart is coming as the midterm election season begins. Democratic leaders have said their party cannot win more votes from the nation’s core, even if they want to retain the power of an equally divided Senate, which could Vice President Kamala Harris decides on tiebreaking votes.

While city voters strongly supported Joe Biden in the 2020 election, state voters supported Donald Trump 2-a-1, according to the Pew Research Center. In February, Montana Sen. Jon Tester criticized fellow Democrats, saying they didn’t show much in Central America. He had it for them – “the place between the two mountain ranges, the Appalachian and the Rocky Mountains.” At the high -ranking Senate hearing in Pennsylvania, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, a current Democratic candidate, told the Associated Press that his party could not exclude rural voters.

Democrats ’concerns reflect the segregation among voters, exacerbated during a period of illness as people struggle over the covid rules they need to survive. . That separation can be seen in the amount of covid drug. In March, the city’s counties in 46 states had more than their foreign counterparts, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Biden’s leader has unveiled a “rural game book” to sue billions of dollars that would have forced labor law to be smuggled into areas with far -flung resources. The projects include increasing the speed of the system, creating clean drinking water and modern waste systems, fostering better pay practices – and, in the form of advertising, Department of Agriculture Wednesday, to improve access to health care.

Jeremy Johnson, a political scientist at Carroll College in Helena, Montana, said he was skeptical of plans to return voters to Democrats in the middle. The Montana Democrats made health care a priority in the 2020 election and Republicans voted for him in both general and federal elections.

“It’s good that we’re discussing these issues, but it seems like our system has grown to be very competitive,” said Johnson, who has focused on health in politics. “If people agree with things, they don’t talk much.”

Vilsack said improving local health care is not the number one for Democrats.

“If we have these political support and not it’s not the reason,” Vilsack said. “The reason for this is the common saying, ‘Look, we want you to know that when this law was written, it was written right with the rest of the country in mind.’

The grants announced Wednesday are the first phase of an allocation of $ 475 million allocated to local health care organizations through the American Rescue Plan Act.

Funds are used differently from one donor to another. In Pittston, Pennsylvania – the site of the Department of Agriculture’s announcement for grants – the Greater Pittston Regional Ambulance Association is using its $ 226,900 to buy emergency medical care. In Atchison County, Kansas, a hospital will use its $ 414,800 to divert income during illness.

In Terry, Montana, a hospital was given about $ 500,000 to improve its emergency room. Burt Keltner, director of the Prairie County Museum, said the main museum, built in 1970, collapsed in a state of disrepair until workers began rebuilding it. late 2016. retired the hospital is working on a program that went ahead with the disease.

“The fact that our community is getting older, it’s not getting younger – people are leaving, people are dying,” Keltner said. “We’re what those people need whether they like us or not.”

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