The best ways to get around Mallorca

Mallorca is a popular tourist destination because of its plethora of hotels, nightlife in Palma, and many different countries – all nestled in one island. However, one mistake often made by people when visiting Mallorca is that they think it is small, because it is an island, which is that Mallorca car rental with ROIG is a service. famous.

Is Mallorca a walking island?

Mallorca is actually 3,640 km², and runs about 100 km from East to West. But while the island itself is a short walk away, there are individual towns. Palma, which is the largest city, is centrally located about 1 km away, with other tourist attractions, such as Bons Aires and Son Dameto. You may live in a neighborhood a few miles away, but on average, 90% of the hotels are in the center and the bay is adjacent to it.

If you are taking a plane to your hotel and you are not looking for many trips to the countryside, you can count on your feet in Mallorca. Also, if you connect the car to your weapon, you can travel far and wide – even in the mountains – much easier. Palma is a growing car enthusiast.

Rent a car

While some of the smaller towns and villages are more convenient, it is much easier to get there and take day trips by car. Palma Airport is a great place to find a car rental, where you can expect to pay anywhere from € 16 and up. Transportation is available but prices can be difficult and some of Palma’s oldest areas are accessible by single lane. However, car rental is ideal for those who are looking for the freedom of driving in the villages and countryside.


While it’s much easier to travel by moped due to its small size and ease of parking, it’s a story similar to renting a car – it’s not necessary when staying in Palma, or the Other cities of the island, but can benefit from having them. among them. In addition, the price drops to € 6 per day.

Public transport

Surprisingly, there is a car network around most of the island. Of course, the classes are fixed, with fewer and fewer trips on the weekends. But for € 3, you can get an Intermodal Card and travel easily from town to town. There is no train system on the island, which is amazing, but the train system is adequate for the most part.

Independent car

Another option is to use a car, as it is a convenient and direct way to get around. You can pay around € 12 for a 20 -minute trip, but this can vary depending on the date and time.

Bus rides are common on public holidays, they can take you directly from the airport to the hotel. This is ideal for people who live in the city, and can do everything outside of a vacation group. They are large and designed to hold your bags, unlike a public car, and are more convenient than a car.

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