The best way to see Europe day and night?

The tour attracts some of Europe’s biggest players, with the opportunity to watch the highlights on day… and hit the city at night.

You’ll meet your fellow travelers in London and then head to Amsterdam – gazing at the white cliffs of Dover and Belgium along the way. You can watch the Dutch capital on board before heading to Berlin for some great club night fun, compared only to Prague… After hitting the steins on the Munich brewery (or seeing Oktoberfest), went to Austrian Tyrol for a change of scenery but couldn’t change the pace.

Change the dirty house pegs for the beating of your own heart (and ears) as you hike over the mountain views. Afterwards, head to Venice for a gondola tour, feast on history in Rome and feast on Tuscan food in Florence. The last is Contiki’s 16th century French château, where you can read Flaubert in the pond or in danger in the underworld (La Cave). Paris is the final destination, where you say to put your heart back on the wall behind the wall of escargot.

I told you there was a whirlwind.

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